In this solo episode, Kurt talks about how to transform the culture in elders quorum and the entire ward by focusing on the heart of the men.


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2:40 Introduction to the episode’s topic: men at church

7:15 If we could crack the code with men to help them and strengthen them so that they can strengthen their own families. Turning to porn and other things for coping.

9:30 The media and social platforms attack masculinity and call it toxic. What does healthy masculinity look like? Does society know what to do with men? Does the Church know what to do with men?

11:50 When we unknowingly send the wrong message at church. Men hiding behind the perfect ironed suit and the huge smile. Unfortunately someone in the elders quorum is the most at risk of suicide.

14:00 How can we help men find brotherhood and connection at church? Kurt makes suggestions on things we can do. We need to offer more for men after they age out of Young Single Adult and mission programs.

17:20 If you want to fix the youth then walk down the hall and fix the elders quorum. Think of the impact that the elders quorum can have on the youth and their own children.

Toxic Masculinity, Passive Masculinity, and Healthy Masculinity on a spectrum

19:00 The nice guy vs. masculine man. Kurt dives into toxic masculinity and passive masculinity.

24:00 What does healthy masculinity look like?

27:45 What does the Church attempt to offer men? These are things that are offered on paper and with good intentions but sometimes seem more like assignments.

  • Saving ordinances
  • Spiritual development
  • Community and brotherhood
  • Service opportunities
  • Leadership opportunities

32:15 What do men need from the church? What do they need from their quorum? While it’s important to remind them of their duty and responsibility you have to start with a foundation. You have to start with heart.

34:00 There is no laziness in elders quorum, just a lack of fulfillment. How to help men turn back to their heart instead of duty.

39:50 According to author John Eldridge, every man has 3 core desires:

  • A battle to fight
  • An adventure to live
  • A beauty to love

43:40 How to stimulate brotherhood

  • We need to provide mentorship
  • Pray together and for each other
  • Invite people to share their story or share your own
  • Offer men adventure. Organize activities for men to get out

50:00 Kurt shares resources: books, events, podcast talks

54:00 How has ministering to men made you a better follower of Jesus Christ?

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