Ganel-Lyn Condie is a popular speaker, host, and author. She is a mental health advocate, social commentator, and faith warrior. Her latest book is The Stewardship Principle.


01:50 Introduction to Ganel-Lyn 05:15 Ganel-Lyn talks about her new book, The Stewardship Principle 13:30 What is stewardship? It is everything. Stewardships are not always fun or something that we want. 15:00 Leadership stewardships. Some leadership stewardships are more celebrated than others. 17:00 Some stewardships are hard and painful. Some are invisible and nobody cares. Others are visual, obvious, and that people sustain. 17:30 Ganel-Lyn shares her own stewardships and personal losses 18:50 Different stewardships are more intense but others that are more quiet are equally important. 21:00 The opposite of stewardship is ownership. The quickest way to understand stewardship is parenting. 23:00 Examples of stewardship vs ownership. Ownership starts to take away agency in parenting and in leadership. 27:00 How do you tell if you have an ownership mentality?

  • Comparison
  • Control
  • Burnout
  • Praying away someone else’s agency
  • Being hyper focused on outcomes

29:30 Stewardship thinking is offering based. Ownership thinking is outcome focused. 32:15 How can we refocus on stewardship and let go of ownership? 38:00 We have calling changes and pass the stewardship around. That way we don’t stay stuck in traditions and get introduced to new perspectives. 39:15 So many people have left our church because they were in ownership mode for so long. We do so much ‘’doing’’ and it doesn’t always turn out. 40:20 Ask your child, your companion, or people in your ward what support looks like. 41:30 Kurt shares a story about stewardship 44:15 When we start to see what our friends and family are going through as a stewardship, it allows us to validate them more but also helps us understand that we don’t have to fix it or save them. 44:50 Understanding stewardship doesn’t take away the pain or hurt from a situation but it teaches us that God is not punishing us. The hard thing that you are going through can still be consecrated for your good. 47:55 Dealing with infertility and all the rude things that people say. People act as if we are more righteous then it will solve our problems. 49:00 The story of Job. All of Job’s friends had opinions on why he was losing everything. We can have hope though because everything that Job lost was returned plus more. 51:10 Stewardship doesn’t always have to be hard. Stewardship helps you appreciate the good stuff too. 54:00 We don’t have to be everything for everyone. Our stewardships can be very different at different times in our lives and we shouldn’t compare our stewardships with others. 57:15 Don’t underestimate how your stewarding is influencing and inspiring others in their own stewardships. 1:00:50 Remember that Christ owns it. He has just entrusted you with this stewardship.

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