Brad Wilcox is a well-known LDS author, Brigham Young University professor. He has served as bishop, mission president, and a member of a stake presidency. One of his greatest contributions to the Kingdom of God is putting the doctrine of GRACE into an understandable and applicable format. His books The Continuous Atonement and The Continuous Conversion are life changing to all that read them. They are truly a great source to understand more completely the doctrine of grace.

In this interview Brother Wilcox explains his experience serving as a bishop, mission president, and also a member of the Sunday School General Board. We also delve into how a bishop can point to the role of the grace of Jesus Christ when counseling an individual struggling with addiction or trial.


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Brad Wilcox was so kind to offer 3 books to Leading Saints to give-away. One copy of The Continuous Atonement, The Continuous Conversion, and The 7-Day Christian will be raffled off to those that enter below. THE CONTEST ENDS OCTOBER 16th!!!

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