This is a rebroadcast. The episode originally ran in June 2019. We are instructed in the General Handbook (8.1.1) that “Members of the elders quorum work together to help accomplish the work of salvation and exaltation. They serve others, fulfill priesthood duties, build unity, and learn and live doctrine.” How effective is your quorum at succeeding in this purpose? Is there more that can be done to leverage the inspired quorum structure that has been restored in these latter days? The reality is, men live lives of quiet desperation even while attending elders quorum once a week. They attend elders quorum with the hope of brotherhood, unity, and a restoration of their heart. Every man is striving to answer one question, “Do I have what it takes?” They wonder if they have what it takes to support a family, keep their job, overcome addiction, maintain their worthiness. They know the restored gospel can help them answer that question but they don’t know where to find the answer. In this episode, Kurt Francom discusses some points to consider related to the heart of men and how the adversary is winning the heart of many men in ways we may not expect. There is great opportunity to build brotherhood in our quorum in order to give more purpose in the lives of those who attend. Kurt also discusses the powerful experience he and others have had by attending a Wild at Heart Boot Camp and how it can help establish an effective model for increasing elders quorum brotherhood and unity.

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02:45 Is Elder’s quorum a revelatory experience? 04:20 The number one thing that men would change about Elder’s Quorum, that isn’t a policy, is to have more informal meetings and get togethers. They are seeking more connection and comradery. 06:25 What is the purpose of Elders Quorum? 08:20 Never let an Elders Quorum meeting turn into another Sunday School class. 9:45 As an Elders Quorum Presidency, are you fulfilling your purpose to:

  • Serve others
  • Build unity and brotherhood
  • Instruct members on doctrines, principles, and duties

11:45 Kurt quotes a blog by Sheldon Lawrence, “A Quorum of Strangers.” Mormon men live isolated and lonely lives. 14:00 Kurt quotes proverbs 12:27 “The substance of a diligent man is precious.” 14:30 What is the biggest threat to men today? The heart of men is under attack. Everyday men ask themselves, “Do I have what it takes?” 16:25 How does the adversary work? 19:25 Kurt talks about how to help the men that are struggling and the things that are probably not going to help. 23:45 Kurt describes the book Wild at Heart by John Eldridge. The main three concepts of the book are:

  • A battle to fight
  • An adventure to live
  • A beauty to rescue

28:00 Kurt relates his experience of going to the Wild at Heart boot camp, which Kurt describes as a leadership conference in the woods. 33:00 Chris shares his story of healing, doubting God, and going to the Wild at Heart men’s retreat. 44:00 The thing that impressed Chris most about the retreat was how the men interacted with each other. They came together and “prayed on” each other. 46:40 One thing that Chris was introduced to at the retreat is worship music and it’s something that he has been able to take home to keep changing. 48:00 Steve shares his experience at the Wild at Heart retreat and recovery from addiction. 50:30 The biggest thing that impacted Steve was experiencing God’s love through brotherhood. 54:00 James White from Southern California shares his journey getting to boot camp and his experience there. 59:20 James from Utah shares his struggle with pornography, going through the shame cycle, and his anger with God. Boot camp changed the spiritual trajectory of his life. 1:06:35 Orin shares how going to boot camp helped him and how it strengthened his relationship with God. 1:11:40 Kurt concludes by sharing more about the retreat and how to sign up.


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