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Liz Wiseman

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Gail Miller

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Julie Beck

Author, Former General Relief Society President

Greg McKeown

Author, Leadership Consultant

Elder John Groberg

Emeritus Seventy, Former Temple President, Author

David Neeleman


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Kurt Francom currently lives in Holladay, Utah with his lovely wife Alanna. They are blessed to have two children (girl and boy). He enjoys drawing caricatures and editorial cartoons, basketball, reading, and college football. Kurt has served as a full-time missionary (California Sacramento), an elders quorum president (2005), executive secretary, bishopric counselor, high priest group leader, bishop, 1st counselor in a stake presidency, and most recently as an elders quorum president.

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What is Leading Saints? You can read more about Leading Saints on our ABOUT PAGE, but in short, Leading Saints is a non-profit (501c3) organization that is striving to help lay leaders be better prepared to lead. Simply put, we help leaders say, "I know what to do!"...

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What a beautiful time of year it is to focus on the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ. The #LightTheWorld campaign online is one of my favorite parts of this season and we hope that everyone will feel the effects of this effort. I am grateful for the opportunity we...

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