David Butler is a religious educator at Utah Valley University. He also cohosts the popular YouTube scripture study channel Don’t Miss This with Emily Belle Freeman and is the author of many religious books, including Almighty: How the Most Powerful Being in the Universe Is Also Your Loving Father, Redeemer: Who He Is and Who He Will Always Be, and soon-to-be-published Spirit: The Gift that Connects You to Heaven. David has previously served as a bishop. He and his wife Jenny are the parents of six children.


11:00 The “rules” of the church and do they really need to be that way
12:45 What if we put people first in the church?
15:30 Begin with people and purposes
17:30 How to focus on people as a leader
20:30 Making sacrament meeting an experience with God and a place that people want to come back to
22:00 Having a vision with sacrament meeting
23:30 Splitting the ward into groups and teaching about the Savior and the importance of sacrament meeting.
30:30 High council speakers
31:30 Stake presidency respecting the role of the Bishop
35:00 How do I show devotion to God?
37:00 We all worship differently
39:00 Come follow me and Don’t Miss This
40:00 Finding grace in Come follow me
42:00 We shouldn’t worry about how we’re doing Come follow me but worry about meeting our family’s needs
44:30 Come follow me takes planning
47:00 Our culture of shame
48:30 “God isn’t disappointed in what we haven’t done”
49:00 Teaching in a position of grace
50:30 “People who feel loved, loved well”
53:00 Don’t confuse salvation with discipleship
56:00 Fear of God compared to fear of sin
58:00 Satan teaches us to fear God just like with Adam and Eve
1:01:00 God’s government is a family
1:08:10 BONUS INTERVIEW with Anthony Sweat


Don’t Miss This with Emily Belle Freeman and David Butler
Instagram: @mrdavebutler @dontmissthisstudy
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