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Sara Newman

Sara Newman currently serves as a member of her ward’s Relief Society service committee in whatever capacity is needed. She earned her bachelor’s degree in Family Science from Brigham Young University and enjoyed raising five children with her husband. She anticipates “retiring” soon, once her youngest is launched, and is enjoying her new role as a grandmother. She has lived in four states, served as Relief Society president in three different wards, and as Relief Society counselor, pianist, chorister, Cub Scout leader, Primary teacher and counselor, Relief Society teacher, and Gospel Doctrine teacher.


0:15 Sara speaks on being released from as Relief Society president earlier than she expected.

3:30 “I cried when I got the calling; I cried when I got released. I was surprised by it.”

5:30 Something for leaders to think about is giving leaders more time to transition when a release is coming. It can be very jarring to have a calling and the next day nothing.

6:50 There was no excitement or relief getting released. Just devastation. Sara shares the reasons why she felt so hurt when released.

9:30 Part of the devastation was loneliness and loss of the community she was a part of. Also, not feeling like she was doing a good enough job.

12:30 Looking back Sara can say the time was right to get released because of health challenges that happened. She can see the Lord’s timing but at the moment it was very hard.

13:30 The first weeks after getting released were the hardest.

16:50 The bishopric and other ward council members had a small gathering to thank Sara for her service. It helped her have some closure.

19:20 Sara’s encouragement to other leaders that are also going through a transition after getting released

Darren Bush

Darren Bush is a husband, father, and paddler who advocates outdoor activities to feel the Spirit. Darren served a mission to southern Italy, met his wife, Stephanie, at Brigham Young University, and completed degrees in Italian and Psychology at University of Wisconsin–Madison after discovering it was the best place in the world. After completing a master’s degree at the University of Rochester the family moved back to Wisconsin where he eventually bought Rutabaga Paddlesports. He has previously served as a bishop, Primary teacher and nursery leader, elders quorum and Young Men president, ward missionary, high councilor, in a young single adult bishopric, and as an executive secretary and financial clerk.

Darren Bush in his element


20:11 Darren Bush, recently-released bishop

22:30 The relationships that were built over the past five years as bishop were gone.

24:00 The day Darren got released made him feel lighter. He didn’t realize how much weight he was holding. However, it was still hard. Missing the people and seeing people’s faces.

26:30 The lost puppy phase after getting released

30:00 Advice Darren was given from his uncle, a former bishop. “Don’t go inactive.”

33:00 We need to separate our personal identity from our calling in the ward.

35:15 Combating loneliness after being bishop

40:45 Darren’s encouragement to the former leader that is fighting loneliness

Julie Kiser

Julie Kiser is a graduate of Brigham Young University and currently works part-time as a professional organizer and as a part-time administrative assistant to her husband and his financial advising firm. She currently serves as a special needs mutual advisor and a Gospel Doctrine teacher. Past callings include stake YSA Relief Society president, YSA Relief Society advisor, counselor in Young Women, Primary, and Relief Society presidencies, Primary teacher, Young Women advisor and compassionate service leader. Julie has been married for 37 years and has five children. She loves spending time with her husband and family, reading, long walks with friends, traveling, hiking, cooking and baking, and lots of time with her grandchildren.


41:30 Julie’s leadership experience

45:30 Julie’s experience as stake Relief Society president of the YSA wards and getting released before she expected. Working so hard and feeling like she got cut short.

55:00 I have so much to offer but for what? When callings get taken away you wonder what to do next.

57:30 You have to find ways to serve outside church callings.

59:40 The first Sunday after getting released. Because Julie was in a YSA ward she had to disappear and go back to a family ward. She felt cut off from the people that she had spent so much time with.

1:01:30 Relationships you have with people change when you get released from callings. That’s one of the saddest parts of getting released.

1:04:15 Going to a brand new ward and feeling like a guest instead of a member

1:06:00 The things Julie misses about her leadership roles

1:08:15 What Julie has learned from her experience. While going to church is important, her relationship with the Savior has gotten her through everything.


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