Darren Bush is a husband, father, and paddler who advocates outdoor activities to feel the Spirit. Darren served a mission to southern Italy, met his wife, Stephanie, at Brigham Young University, and completed degrees in Italian and Psychology at University of Wisconsin–Madison after discovering it was the best place in the world. After completing a master’s degree at the University of Rochester the family moved back to Wisconsin where he eventually bought Rutabaga Paddlesports. He has previously served as a Primary teacher and nursery leader, elders quorum and Young Men president, ward missionary, high councilor, in a young single adult bishopric, and as an executive secretary and financial clerk. He currently serves as Bishop Darren and loves every individual he meets.


3:15 Darren’s story of how he was called to be a bishop. He doesn’t feel like the typical bishop. 5:55 Darren’s ward dynamic having both an English and Spanish ward combined. 15:15 Principle One – Ignore everything administrative and delegate to counselors

  • The bishop’s main focus should be spirituality not administration.
  • The principles of leadership are the same in business and in the church. Everyone has their different roles.
  • Everything is under the direction of the bishop but that doesn’t mean he has to be involved in everything.

18:45 “What do you think?” is the best question that a bishop can ask. 21:15 Stories of being a bishop and loving others. Darren adapts to his members. He meets many of the members in Mexican restaurants and creates meaningful relationships with them outside of the bishop’s office. 27:00 Guilt and shame don’t help people change their behavior 27:30 Principle Two – Hug every widow before sacrament meeting

  • Pay attention to those that are in the overflow or out in the foyer. Make sure they know that they are noticed.

31:15 Principle Three – Teach the doctrine of the Atonement as central to the gospel

  • We are all broken together
  • The atonement is Plan A and there is no Plan B.

32:30 Pornography is never the root cause of the problem but a symptom of the problem. Help the individual understand the root cause of their pornography addiction. 34:45 Learn how to pray or you won’t be able to use the Atonement effectively in your life.

  • How personal are your prayers?
  • How do you talk to God?
  • Trying to hide from God is not using the atonement.

41:20 Principle Four – love everyone, no exceptions 45:50 Loving people is seeing them 47:00 The handbook is great but it’s general. It’s there to guide you but it’s not a book of commandments. Do what’s best for your members.


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