Tom Roberts, PhD, DD, holds a BTh from Triune Biblical University, a MTh from Covenant Bible College and Seminary, as well as an MDiv and PhD in Theology from Hellenic Orthodox University in Athens, Greece, and is currently pursuing doctoral studies at EUCLID University. Dr. Roberts has published two books, From Sacral Kingship to Sacred Marriage – A Theological Analysis of Literary Borrowing, and Divorce and Remarriage – A Middle Eastern View. His articles have appeared in Ancient American, Convergent Streams, and other professional publications. Dr. Roberts has presented at Kent State University’s Communal Studies Group conference, and the Society for Mormon Philosophy and Theology, and reviewed books and articles for The Interpreter Foundation. Tom is also the co-author with Brent Schmidt for the BYU New Testament Commentary volume on Romans and recently taught at BYU Education Week. He and his wife reside in Big Piney, Wyoming.


01:40 Tom joined the Church in 2017 but has been familiar with the Church since the 1960’s. Tom shares his faith journey. 12:00 The moment in 2017 that led him to be baptized. He read the Doctrine and Covenants thinking he was going to disprove it but it led him to be converted. 17:45 Tom’s cultural experience in the Church after being a Catholic Priest. 23:00 The importance of knowledge in the church. It’s important to gain the skills necessary to minister to others. We need to do better preparing people for callings instead of just handing them a handbook. 31:0 The guides and curriculum are there for us but we need to take advantage of them. Tom sees a lot of misinformation in gospel doctrine. 36:00 The effort of leadership development begins by acquiring a strong theological foundation of our beliefs. It’s not just for the sake of intellect. It’s to inform your heart and your growth. 39:15 People are afraid of intellectual pursuits in our culture. While doing seminary, come follow me, and going on a mission are all great, there is more. Giving youth powerful spiritual experiences is important but there is also the piece of gaining deep spiritual knowledge. 42:30 The church focuses more on a very young-oriented spirituality. We go through different spiritual spiritual steps throughout our lives. 44:00 Joseph Smith didn’t have a corporate view of the church. Tom explains what he means by ‘corporate.’ 45:30 Local leaders are afraid to step out of line from the ‘corporate’ church to also pursue more academic and theological information. We need to broaden LDS worship. Everything in our church is so streamlined and almost too much so. 53:10 Tom shares what he would share with a new bishop or Relief Society president that wants to move forward with some of these ideas. Tom recommends beginning with Friday or Saturday fireside to talk about more academic subjects. We want to mature the tradition of the church, not attack it. 55:30 Leaders that push the boundaries and create change. 1:03:10 Pushing this movement forward isn’t about any particular person or for self aggrandizement. It’s about unifying in the spirit within our faith and with other faiths too. We need a revolution of the heart. 1:06:00 The more you understand others, the more you understand yourself. Tom believes that this is what the saints need to do. We need to be asking more questions. Having questions is not a bad thing. We cannot question our faith in a faithful way. 1:10:00 Tom shares his final testimony and thoughts on his time as a leader.


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