Thomas Wirthlin McConkie is an author, developmental researcher and meditation teacher. As a teenager, he met his first teacher and has been practicing for over 25 years under masters in the traditions of Sufism, Buddhism and Christian contemplation, among others. Thomas is the founder of Lower Lights School of Wisdom, a nonprofit organization committed to sharing ancient and modern teachings from the world’s Wisdom traditions. He is currently researching and writing on the topic of transformative spiritual practice at Harvard Divinity School. He lives with his wife, two kids, and rescue dog.

Thomas Wirthlin McConkie


Atonement: Embodying the Fullness of Human-Divinity (Deseret Book) Atonement: Embodying the Fullness of Human-Divinity (Kindle) Where to Start When Members Doubt | An Interview With Thomas Wirthlin McConkie Creating Space for Those We Lead | An Interview with Thomas Wirthlin McConkie There is already a discussion started about this podcast. Share your thoughts HERE.

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4:05 Introduction to Thomas Wirthlin McConkie. The work that he is doing. New book called, At-One-Ment. 7:00 Atonement is a really powerful invitation to join ourselves to God and with divine life. 8:20 What would you say to a room full of leaders? Embody the fulness of our divinity. 13:00 I’m inviting people to pay attention in a new way and see what divine realities reveal themselves. Thomas shares a meditative exercise to do this. 15:30 Meditative, grounding practices help us slow down, experience the divine and help us turn off our brain and feel with our spirit. We are thinking too much. 18:00 To the skeptical person that feels uncomfortable with Thomas’ approach: We are allowing love to do love’s work to actually open our hearts. It’s less about the eloquent words you say but where those words are coming from. 21:15 What gets in the way of love? How can we show love? 22:50 Go 5% slower. Say fewer words and be vulnerable. Let silence make us a little nervous and uncomfortable. As leaders we don’t have to have quick answers. 29:00 Thomas shares an experience going to conference to hear his grandfather speak. Elder Wirthlin gave the talk Come What May, and Love it. At the time Thomas was not active in the church and he talks about how his grandfather’s talk changed and touched him. 33:00 “What changed my heart was my grandparents’ simplicity.” After 20 years he woke up and decided to go to church. It was simple. 34:10 Leaders that want to help others come to church. Thomas talks about how he never felt a shred of anxiety from his Wirthlin grandparents when he wasn’t active in the Church. They gave him a lot of space and grace that eventually gave him a mighty change of heart. 37:10 Slowing down 5% in our leadership and administration. There is no formula on how to do things. Part of the vulnerability is saying, “I’m not going to know ’til I get there.” Have faith that something deeper to come through you. 39:50 You might need to slow down 5% or speed up 50%. If we slow down it will allow the Spirit to speed us up in the moments that we need to speed up and slow down when we are trying to go too fast. 43:30 The teaching moments of parenting and the painful growth there 45:30 Mindfulness and relationships. Helping people feel felt and known. A divine love. 54:20 What does At-one-ment mean to you?

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