Thomas Wirthlin McConkie may have the most “Mormon” name in all of Zion. đŸ™‚ That doesn’t mean his story is a typical Mormon story. Thomas has released a helpful book called Navigating Mormon Faith Crisis: A Simple Development Map. This would be an excellent read for a leader in the Church who is seeking further understanding of those in the midst of a faith crisis. You can also find helpful resources at In this interview we discuss Thomas’ journey away from the LDS Church at the age of 13, and the influence his Apostle Grandfather, Joseph B. Wirthlin, played in his life during that time. We then discuss his rediscovery of his faith, how his local leaders influenced him at that time, and then what led to him writing this book. This is a valuable interview for all leaders to hear. Please share it and spend some time at MormonStages to gain a deeper understanding.


President Uchtdorf Talk Interview about Fowler Stages of Faith Thomas Wirthlin McConkie

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