Stephen Jones hails from Tallahassee, Florida, and served his mission in the Brazil Porto Alegre North Mission. He is a bishop in Springville, Utah, and has previously served in various leadership callings, including ward choir director, elders quorum president, in a Young Men presidency, first and second bishopric councilor, ward mission leader, and executive secretary.

Stephen holds a bachelor’s degree in Physiology with an emphasis in Social Physiology and a master’s degree in Public Administration, both from Brigham Young University. He’s best known as an American actor, comedian, host, and educator. Stephen’s entertainment journey began as a university mascot and a headlining standup comedian, and he gained nationwide attention when he starred in a viral Old Spice parody video. Stephen has cohosted the television series Random Acts and featured in other television shows and commercials.

After almost a decade of teaching, Stephen is currently the director, producer, editor and host of “Let’s Get Real with Stephen Jones,” an original podcast on Scripture Central.


Let’s Get Real with Stephen Jones
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02:05 Introduction to Stephen and what he hopes to accomplish with his podcast. How to apply the principles of the gospel and stories of how people live the gospel.

04:30 Getting called as Bishop during covid and while he was finishing his master’s degree

10:20 Learning how to be a bishop and getting his footing. Picking the brains of other leaders, choosing counselors, and receiving revelation.

14:15 Partnering with God to make decisions. We can’t totally rely on God to give us all the answers. We work with Him to make decisions and we have to own those decisions.

19:00 The restoration is not just about restoring the church. It’s about restoring people. God wants to build you through experience.

23:50 Stephen talks about his ward council. Meeting one to one makes ward council more effective.

30:30 How Stephen sees the bishop’s office. It can be for more than just the bishop. Other leaders can have access.

34:00 How Stephen works with the youth in his ward and the things he has learned. Inviting the youth to minister with him and take part in leadership.

40:00 We need to be better at helping people understand where repentance really is. Stephen shares how he helps people with repentance and how he teaches it.

47:15 When it comes to repentance, have more conversations and ask more questions about understanding and belief instead of focusing on the behavior. Get to the base of the problem.

51:15 Repentance is not a straight line. It’s not just a process but a constant and daily turning to God. It’s a lifestyle.

59:15 Resources and where to find more about Stephen and his podcast

1:00:20 The best way to lead is to follow Him.

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