Nate Kimbler is currently serving as the stake president for the Ridgecrest, California stake. He has served as a bishop, bishopric counselor, high councilor, and other callings such as scoutmaster, assistant scoutmaster, elders quorum counselor, ward missionary, and Gospel Doctrine teacher. He served as a full-time missionary in the Peru Lima Central Mission and a short time in the Sacramento California Mission while waiting for a visa. Nate graduated from Brigham Young University with a BS in Physics and is married to Rachel Handly Kimbler. They have five children. He is an avid runner and has run 13 marathons to date, and also enjoys hiking and backpacking in the mountains with his children.


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02:40 Introduction to Nate Kimbler and getting called as stake president 05:15 Starting out as stake president and being terrified 06:30 Stake demographics and an earthquake hitting their area 11:15 Following the Spirit. It’s impossible to be a stake president without God’s help. Focusing on the Spirit is essential. 15:30 Nate shares a personal experience that illustrates the principle of following the Spirit. An impression that came to him was, don’t let the high council be a retirement calling. 19:45 Nate talks about how he mentored and guided members of the high council. 24:40 After a meeting with Elder Holland, Nate felt inspired to stop holding high council meetings and only have stake council meetings. It made it more inclusive for the sisters involved. 26:30 They hold stake council twice a month. The first one they council about something important in their stake. The second council of the month is a very brief council subject and then they split into committees. 29:45 Another thing that Nate felt inspired to do in his stake was to invite the stake Relief Society president to all of their stake presidency meetings. Sisters sometimes see things that are going on in the stake that the men don’t. They can share a unique perspective. 32:50 The sisters’ involvement in their stake. The sisters can do so much and we need to empower them. 35:10 What Nate has learned about counseling others. It’s not so much about counseling them but listening to them and sitting with them in their pain. 40:15 Seeing miracles in his calling as stake president. Sometimes it’s not always clear to see God working but eventually you realize He was always there. Even just receiving words that someone else needs to hear. 48:40 Being a leader has helped Nate see people in a different light and see people as they really are, cherished sons and daughters of God.

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