Travis Hunt is the founder and creative director at Madeby, IPER, and Explanimate!. He has a degree in Screen Production and a master’s in Digital Design. In the Church, Travis has served as a Seminary teacher, Gospel Doctrine teacher, bishopric counselor, and bishop. He currently serves on his stake high council.


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2:30 Introduction to Travis Hunt 5:00 The church in Brisbane, Australia and some of the struggles they see 7:20 Serving as bishop and what Travis’ ward was like 10:50 Principle 1 – What you bring you will eventually see in the ward. Creating a more welcoming ward. Travis brought his own energy and personality to his calling. 21:20 Principle 2 – Kindness. People feel welcome and wanted no matter what. This can happen in so many ways but as a leader sitting with people empathetically. 23:30 Putting aside the administrative side of the calling and making sure you see people and talk with them 25:00 Anxiety peaks for a lot of people on Sunday. They feel overwhelmed and Travis really wanted to change that. Is church a place that is worthy to receive everyone in whatever state they are in? 27:30 What Travis’ ward did in sacrament meeting to manifest their vision of creating a more warm and welcoming ward 30:00 Leadership needs to make their vision very very clear. All the leaders in the ward need to understand and see the vision. 34:20 Principle 3 – Propinquity. After covid, Travis’ ward needed to grow back together and they would get together as much as possible. Find the beautiful in other people. 41:30 Principle 4 – Lower the bar and increase participation. It might be controversial but let’s make the bar so low that it’s impossible not to reach it. People feel like the bar is so high that they are afraid to participate. So in some cases we really need to lower the bar. 44:30 We can also lower the bar with callings. Do people need to be perfectly worthy to have a calling? So many people are sitting on the sidelines that want to participate but aren’t given the chance. How can we enable people to serve instead of limiting them? 46:40 There is a temple standard of worthiness and a chapel standard of worthiness. Chapel worthiness is if you walk through the door then you are worthy. 47:20 When you are called as a leader you inevitably stretch. Being refined as a person.

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