Jeanette Bennett is a mother of five, magazine publisher, cancer survivor, current Relief Society president, and former ward and stake Young Women president. She is a frequent emcee, moderator, and speaker along the Wasatch Front. Jeanette was named Top Entrepreneur in Media in 2018, along with Martha Stewart. She sits on the Board of Trustees for Utah Valley University, Thanksgiving Point, and United Way. Jeanette loves coming up with themes for girls camp but can’t cook or tie cute ribbons.


02:30 Introduction to Jeanette Bennett 04:55 Jeanette explains why she and her husband started the Utah Valley magazine and their mission to contribute to the community. 7:30 The power of telling people’s stories in the community. Communicating helps create community. 9:40 Jeanette’s tips and advice to the newsletter specialist or someone that is trying to stimulate community in their ward

  • Make it about people
  • Make it fun. Add humor.
  • Highlight different people and things happening in the ward

12:00 How does ward culture and personality get formed? It’s important to know that one person can impact the culture of the ward even without a title or calling. 13:00 Jeanette’s leadership style

  • Acknowledge people one by one. Remember their names and their kids’ names. Remember things about them or significant things in their lives.
  • Creative leadership. Having themes, colors, and ideas.

14:00 Being a busy Latter-day Saint and juggling all the things. Having faith to say yes to opportunities. 17:00 Saying no to things. Being intentional with your time. What things do and don’t bear fruit in your life? 21:00 Jeanette’s advice to mothers of young children that want to have an impact but are also balancing the dynamic of work, callings, and kids. 26:00 God is a God of miracles. Our faith to say yes and keep trying brings miracles. Give what you have and witness the miracle. 29:40 The temptation for perfection. Getting things done is better than having things perfect. 33:00 Delegation isn’t always the answer to every busy person’s problems. As a leader, you also have to take ownership and be the one to create the vision and framework. You can’t delegate that. 36:45 Leadership as a young women’s president 40:00 Girls camp tips. There are lots of great ideas out there but every brainstorming session needs to start on your knees. Your girls’ needs are going to be different from other wards. Connect to heaven first instead of copying and pasting what other wards are doing. 44:00 Helpful ways to communicate with those in your organization. Use all your avenues. 45:30 When Jeanette started her calling as Relief Society president she sent out a survey to help her understand the needs and wants of her Relief Society. 50:20 Engaging with the people that are not so engaged in the ward. Suspend all judgment and understand where they are at. They have their reasons and if they don’t show up that’s ok. 54:30 Things that Jeanette really felt that she needed to do when she started as Relief Society president.

  • Help the women document their spiritual experiences
  • To get a pink golf cart. She goes to visit people on it and has them jump on.


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