Ganel-Lyn Condie and Scott Sorensen are the co-hosts of Real Talk: Come Follow Me, a weekly YouTube show and podcast. Ganel-Lyn is a motivational speaker and author who loves teaching others and sharing messages of faith and hope. A regular television and radio guest in Utah, she is also a suicide prevention advocate after losing her sister to suicide. She and her husband Rob have two children. Scott Sorensen is currently a full-time seminary teacher, and previously worked ten years in the business world. He is passionate about talking about mental health issues and helping the youth find their mission and building relationships with God and others. He and his wife Paige have three children.


09:10 Scott’s experience with anxiety and depression 15:30 About Real Talk: Come Follow Me and how it came together 22:30 Reaching those who are outside the cultural mold with Come Follow Me 25:10 Being curious as we listen to women and other perspectives 28:20 Learning truth and exploring it outside of what we “know” to find bigger definitions 32:10 There is healing in sitting in questions with someone else 35:45 Looking for the real-life application instead of “getting through” the topic of study; coming to know Christ instead of checking off the boxes 39:40 Wrestling together with faith questions with family and friends in the same way that Jesus connected with the marginalized 42:45 Stimulating connection and relationships in action with testimony 45:30 Ministering and teaching to create access to hearts; looking for how the principle connects us instead of overteaching it 52:10 Closing off access with judgment makes influence nearly impossible 54:40 Creating a heart-directed approach and talking about the why and the how in the gospel 57:15 Efficiency is not the same as productivity and effectiveness: God creates leaders with a different method and we are being prepared to become something 1:03:40 There is a purpose in the pain, creating what God needs us to be


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