Loren Grant Dalton graduated from the Harvard Business School and has served as the President or CEO of five different companies. One of his greatest loves is missionary work and he has served in a full-time mission for over 16 years of his life—as a missionary, president, or in a mission presidency, both in the U.S. and Brazil). He is married to his high school sweetheart, Annette Nielsen, and they are the parents of four children. While serving as mission president, Loren saw far too many missionaries and members who felt that they had never had a prompting through the Spirit. They wondered what was wrong with them. He was determined to help and wrote You Are Receiving Revelation: Now Act on It. Loren Dalton


03:20 Loren speaks on being in a mission presidency and a mission president. 05:50 Speaking at Stake Conference and how he prepared to speak 08:00 Loren recently came out with his first book, You Are Receiving Revelation: Now Act on It. He talks about why he felt inspired to write it. 11:00 We all receive revelation in different ways. Many feel like we aren’t hearing the spirit because we don’t have these huge revelatory moments. We need to teach the youth how the spirit typically talks to us. 13:30 Kurt shares his own personal experience receiving revelation and how he doesn’t have these huge overwhelming moments. 14:20 The Holy Ghost is speaking to us spirit to spirit but as physical beings we’ve forgotten how the Spirit communicates. We have to relate to it as a physical being. A lot of times we miss the promptings we are having because we think it’s our own thought. 15:45 Was that the Spirit or was that me? Maybe it wasn’t the Spirit but we can still act on our promptings. Each time we act on the first prompting it’s like we are tuning in our celestial radio and each time we act on a prompting it gets easier to recognize. 17:00 Kurt shares his struggle listening to content constantly, such as a podcast or book. There is always something playing and he forgets to let his spirit and brain breathe and actually be able to listen to the Holy Spirit. 18:15 One thing that Loren used to tell the missionaries is not to just pop up after saying amen after your prayer. Take a minute and actually let God respond to you. 19:20 Teaching those that we lead how to receive revelation. How can we better teach this principle? 23:00 We also need to keep in mind that Satan is also a spirit and he can give us promptings. We need to recognize the difference between the Spirit and Satan. Follow your FIRST prompting. Satan will normally come second. 29:45 Even if they have sinned, God will still talk to them. Satan makes us feel like we are out of the reach of God because we sinned. 31:40 Kurt shares an experience that he had as a bishop helping a member know that God still loved him and wanted to speak to him even though he had made some bad choices and had been disfellowshipped. God doesn’t give anyone the silent treatment. 32:50 Well-intentioned family members and church leaders can accidentally be the voice of the adversary. 33:30 Remember that Satan is the second voice that comes and tries to convince us not to follow the first voice. Another way to recognize Satan is that he talks in the first person. Negative self talk is not us. It’s the adversary. 38:10 God doesn’t need logic but Satan uses logic to try to convince us not to follow God’s promptings. It didn’t make sense to build an ark on dry ground or cross the red sea but in the end people were able to see. 43:30 Act on a prompting right way because you never know how urgent it is. 43:45 Basketball analogy. Loren believes that God uses bank shots. The shots that are so far away that you are sure they will miss but then they don’t. Sometimes God sends you a way that just doesn’t make sense but then you see how God knew exactly what he was doing and makes the shot. 44:10 Loren shares inspiring stories of following the Spirit from the missionaries. 47:50 Sometimes bad things just happen. It doesn’t mean that you missed a prompting. 49:30 Loren tells the story of a sister missionary and a prompting that she had and followed even though it made no sense. 52:00 Loren shares another story of how what seemed to be just a silly phone call saved a woman’s life. 56:40 Be a great leader by being a great follower of Jesus Christ.


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