Richie T. Steadman is a radio host, producer, actor, and founder of the Latter-day Saint podcast, “The Cultural Hall”, where he has been entertaining and informing since 2011. Richie worked for 16 years as the producer of the popular Utah radio show, “Radio from Hell”. He served a mission in Cleveland, Ohio, and lives in Salt Lake City, Utah. Richie T’s interests extend far beyond the studio—he’s passionate scholar of Mormon history and a dedicated husband. In this podcast, Richie T interviews Kurt Francom about his book, Is God Disappointed in Me?, and they talk about how we can teach and lead without creating shame.

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Is God Disappointed in Me? The Cultural Hall Never Giving Up on the Lord (Even When You Want to) | An Interview with Richie T. Steadman There is already a discussion started about this podcast. Share your thoughts HERE.

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3:45 Introduction to Kurt’s book, Is God Disappointed in Me? Kurt talks about why he wrote the book. 9:15 Guilt vs shame. What’s the difference? Shame is an attack on the divine identity. It’s more than just feeling bad. 11:00 Kurt shares his experiences as a young bishop and not understanding shame and how to help people with it. 13:30 When we want to change we hyper-focus on behaviors. However, first we need to have acceptance of who we are and the identity we have been given and God loves us as we are then we can really change. 15:10 How can leaders help people not feel shame but focus on divine identity instead? 19:15 Kurt shares an experience as a bishop. Some people walking into the bishop’s office don’t need the checklist of things to do or the conference talk to study in order to change. They need empathy. They need to heal wounds. They need to feel God’s love to help them change. 24:00 Who is Kurt’s book for? What can people get from it? 26:30 Have you ever felt that God was disappointed in you? How did you work through it? Kurt shares his personal experience of shame and feeling that God and his parents were disappointed in him. 35:00 The process of writing a book 37:30 One of the reasons Kurt was drawn to write a book is because it’s not just about knowing the gospel but being able to articulate the gospel. 38:40 How it feels to have a book out in the world. What’s the feedback from people? 41:40 I don’t want to be in a high demand religion. I want to be in a highly redemptive religion. We want people to leave church feeling like they are happy they went and not like wow I’m never good enough for those people. 42:50 Let’s stop focusing on behaviors in our church but creating a place where people just feel loved. 45:00 Are we embracing grace differently now? 46:50 Establishing a grace-filled home and in our relationships 49:50 Kurt talks about his calling as ward podcaster.

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