Kyle Turner is a pharmacist and clinical faculty member at the University of Utah where he researches and teaches courses in leadership. He spends much of his time as a consultant and trainer in leadership development for Intend Health Strategies, a non-profit dedicated to enhancing leadership team dynamics in health care settings. Kyle is currently serving as a counselor in a bishopric and has served previously as a stake Sunday School president, branch presidency counselor, in a ward Young Men presidency and Sunday School presidency, and as ward clerk. He and his wife Katelyn have three children. Kyle Turner


Teaching Through Better Stories in Sacrament Meeting Talks & Lessons | An Interview with Matthew Dicks Intend Health Strategies Contact Kyle There is already a discussion started about this podcast. Share your thoughts HERE.

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01:50 Introduction to Kyle Turner. His career, calling, and his experience in healthcare leadership development. 04:15 What is relational leadership? 06:30 Where do we start with relational leadership? We have to raise our level of awareness so that we act with more intentionality. 07:30 How do you create more self awareness? 11:20 Kyle shares more examples of relational leadership and awareness. 12:30 When you aren’t the one in charge but you want to create more awareness and share ideas on how to improve. 15:00 There are simple ways to share our stories and there are easy frameworks we can use. Kyle shares ways that we can make sharing our stories less awkward and integrate them into our elders quorum or relief society lessons. 21:20 When sharing a story or having people share their story, keep it to 2-3 minutes. Get to the point and make it easy for people to pay attention. 24:50 Questions to use to help people use the framework challenge, choice, outcome. How leaders can change the lesson dynamic by helping people share their stories. 32:00 Connecting the head and heart through story sharing. We are calling people to action in our church meetings but we aren’t engaging the heart. 33:40 Embedding announcements in stories to help people remember and be more engaged 36:30 If you are teaching or speaking, think about the one point you want to get across, a story that goes with it, and what’s the how associated with it. Engage the senses. 38:40 The story of now. It’s a call to action. You frame the nightmare if you don’t act and the hope if you do. 42:50 Stop trying to push an agenda but build a community. Stories help us learn more about each other and get past the surface talk. 44:10 One issue in the church is that we are built on a foundation of behaviors and there isn’t a connection there. Focusing on behaviors doesn’t propel an organization forward like stories do. Stories help us see people as people. They aren’t just a ministering assignment or a random person in the ward. 48:15 Kyle shows an example of sharing a story. Sharing a challenge, choice, and outcome in 2 to 3 minutes. 56:50 Kurt also shares a story from his mission. 1:02:40 Kyle’s final thoughts on leadership and how it has brought him closer to Jesus Christ

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