Jim Kasen has degrees in Organ Performance and Interpersonal Communications from Brigham Young University, a Master of Social Work from the University of Utah, and a Masters in Choral Conducting from BYU. He is a licensed social worker, recently retired as Director of University Relations at BYU, and is the author of the book To Belong to Him. Jim first served as a branch president in the Philippines Manila Mission, and has served in branch presidencies at the Provo Missionary Training Center, in elders quorum presidencies, in a bishopric, four times as a high councilor, and as a music director, choir director, and organist many times on the ward and stake levels. He has also served on the Church Music Committee, as a guest organist at Temple Square, a member of the Tabernacle Choir at Temple Square, and in many other assignments such as directing choirs for general conference and on the hymnal submission review sub-committee. Jim Kasen


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2:10 Introduction to Jim Kasen and his story 8:15 Moving forward with his struggles with same sex attraction and faith. Jim felt like he couldn’t abandon his faith. However, he did feel like he had to abandon his sexuality. 12:00 Weakness is a state being. God only gives us good things. Things to help us learn, grow, and stay close to Him. 17:30 Jim gives his advice to church leaders as a person that struggles with same sex attraction, anxiety, and has been single his whole life. 25:00 You don’t want to be administered to, you want to be ministered to. 27:40 The individuals you are leading belong to Jesus Christ not the church. Church leaders don’t always handle things how God wants but the Atonement of Jesus Christ covers those mistakes. 34:00 The church is the vehicle to get me where we need to be. We choose to get in the car and Jesus is the driver. We might not agree with everything that the church does but we can give it to Jesus. 39:30 See the church for what it is and be ok if people need to unplug from the church for a bit. Some people need to step away in order to reset. The truth is that the church does cause hurt sometimes. 42:15 We’ve become immune and disenchanted with the word repentance. What we need to ask ourselves is if we are willing to change. There is a lot of agency in being born here and being born again and we need to respect that. 43:20 Leadership and pride. A leader should never say been there, done that. 47:00 Jim reads a letter written to him by a friend about learning from life’s lessons. 49:30 Jim’s book is about his journey. It’s not a standard or formula for others to live by. It gives us lessons on weakness and mortality. 51:15 What Jim would say to someone that says it’s not worth it to stay in the church and that he should have explored his sexuality 56:30 Jim’s final thoughts and testimony

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