Sahr Doe found the Church when he was eight years old but could not be baptized until he was 13. His mission was delayed due to the Sierra Leone civil war, and at age 21 he was called into his Young Men presidency. He was then among the first missionaries to attend the Accra Ghana Missionary Training Center, and served in the Nigeria Lagos/Ibadan mission where he was an assistant to the mission president for 12 months. Two weeks after his mission he returned to the Ghana MTC as a tutor and driver for 18 months.

Sahr served as district high counselor in the Freetown Sierra Leone district before being called as counselor in the district presidency. He then served as administrative assistant to the mission president of the Ghana Accra mission, Sierra Leone zone, while working as physical facilities manager for Sierra Leone. On his release from the district presidency, Sahr was called as the elders quorum president in his branch, then as branch president. He left to attend Brigham Young University-Hawaii for one semester, without his wife and son, but had an accident while working at the Polynesian Cultural Center and returned to Sierra Leone. He then started a construction company and was called as the secretary to the mission presidency, then as counselor to the mission president.

When the 2014 Ebola virus outbreak sent the mission president, senior couples, and missionaries to Ghana, Sahr stayed as acting assistant to the president. He later assisted with orienting new mission leaders to the country and was called again as counselor to the president. In 2016 he was involved in a serious accident that left him partially paralyzed, and in 2017 was released from the mission presidency and called as secretary to the Area Seventy. He currently serves on the Kossoh Town stake high council.

Sahr Doe


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2:45 Kurt introduces Sahr Doe and his background.

4:40 Sahr shares his conversion story. He was baptized at 13-years-old. He has been a member since 1993.

6:30 Making the decision to serve a mission and the civil war in Sierra Leone

7:50 What the church is like now in Sierra Leone in 2024

10:00 Sahr’s leadership callings

12:40 Getting called as branch president

14:00 Responsibilities while serving in the mission presidency

16:15 Working with the young missionaries and teaching them that with a willing heart nothing is impossible.

19:50 Sahr’s advice to missionaries that will go to serve in his country

20:55 Sahr is currently serving on the high council. He describes some of his responsibilities.

21:30 Being grateful amidst the challenges that present the people in Sierra Leone

24:00 Find an excuse to win no matter what you are going through.

27:30 You are in control of your pain.

29:30 Sahr shares a powerful leadership experience. When Sahr overlooked a man for a calling the Lord reminded him that whom the Lord calls, He qualifies.

33:50 More leadership stories and things Sahr learned from them

36:00 The principle of listening. Listen to people as our Heavenly Father listens to our prayers.

39:40 Great followers become great leaders and great leaders become great followers

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