Clint Argyle has served in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints since his youth, in several quorum presidencies. He served a mission in Calgary, Canada, and more recently he and his wife served as full-time senior missionaries and director at the Oakland California Temple Visitors’ Center. He has also served as first counselor in a stake presidency, on stake high council, as a bishop, and scoutmaster/NYLT leader. Clint received his associates degree from Utah Valley University, bachelors from Brigham Young University’s Marriot School of Business, and is a humanitarian, investor, and entrepreneur, and enjoys doing good. He and his wife have four children and seven grandchildren and enjoy spending time with family and friends.


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3:15 Clint’s background and his senior mission in Oakland, California. He and his wife served as visitor center directors for the Oakland temple. 7:00 The responsibilities of a visitors center director.

  • Be full time missionaries
  • Keep the operation running
  • Train other missionaries
  • Promote and market the visitors center to the local community

7:40 Clint has a background in business and marketing that he was able to use to help him know how to market the visitor center. He also got help from a friend to do digital marketing. He worked on creating a digital presence for the center. 12:00 When covid hit they went home and focused solely on digital marketing. They figured out how to do virtual tours on Zoom and were able to do 900 virtual tours. People were still able to have a spiritual experience online. 14:00 You can be a digital missionary wherever you are. 14:40 Something that is important to consider is that people are always looking for reviews. The three main places people look are Google Reviews, Yelp, and Trip Advisor. As members we can leave reviews for the temple, church building, and visitors center. They asked everyone who visited the visitors center to leave a review. 19:00 There are so many ways to do missionary work without having to awkwardly go talk to your neighbor. You never know if just leaving a review can help someone. 19:00 It’s powerful when members and missionaries work together as digital missionaries. The Idaho Falls and Oakland Visitors’ Centers took off thanks to reviews. 22:30 If you go to a church history site on vacation you can leave a review and that is your digital missionary work. Where else could you post about your experience? 26:30 Temple open houses are great opportunities for missionary work. Even before it’s dedicated you can help the google algorithm by driving over to the site using maps. Take pictures and upload them. 30:30 Does digital missionary work and marketing really work? Clint shares some of the results they have seen from just leaving reviews on Tripadvisor and Google. 35:50 Rules on creating websites and doing digital marketing. It has to be in conjunction with the church. 37:20 As a leader you can influence those you lead to leave reviews. You don’t have to limit yourself to one. You can be a light online. 38:40 Clint’s final thoughts on leadership

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