This is a rebroadcast. The episode originally ran in October 2018. Scott Braithwaite has a PhD in Clinical Psychology and specializes in marriage counseling. He is a professor of Psychology at Brigham Young University, has a busy private practice, and also enjoys working with the BYU men’s basketball team. Scott is a popular presenter at BYU Education Week, where he has taught about supporting loved ones through a faith crisis. He previously served as bishop of his ward and is currently serving on his stake high council. Scott Braithwaite


10:10 The difference between sadness and depression 13:40 Leaders should ask for recommendations for good qualified counselors 14:15 You choose who to marry. God gives you agency. 17:40 Scott shares his experience going through a faith crisis 22:40 James Fowler’s Stages of Faith can be helpful in understanding what someone may be going through. Stage three faith identifies as a group, has rules, and is concrete. Most fall under this level of faith. Things also appear black and white. 29:00 During a faith crisis the bottom falls out, they can leave the faith and find community elsewhere. 30:35 Going through the stages of faith are not linear 33:00 Perfectionism shows up in our minds as rules, as all or nothing. 33:40 Doctrinal Latter-day Saints vs. Cultural Latter-day Saints 34:50 Sometimes struggling with faith comes from cultural issues 36:50 The idea of organic evolution showcases the different thought processes of doctrinal vs. cultural Latter-day Saints 38:10 You can’t go back to stage 3 40:30 Stage 5 is accepting the complexity of faith 40:50 Faith allows room for doubt 42:00 All faith allows room for wrestling 43:00 Stage 6 examples, such as Mother Teresa. Most people fall between stages 3, 4, and 5. 46:40 We can act as a midwife and help while people are in a faith crisis 48:30 Help others going through a faith crisis by listening to them. Listen more than talk. 50:50 Elder Ballard: Leaders ought to know and be able to address the difficult questions 56:00 There is a progression from stage 3 to stage 4 57:00 We should be able to talk about doubt at church 59:45 Help create a culture of faith 1:02:00 Elder Hafen’s stages of faith


“Like a Broken Vessel”, by Elder Jeffrey R. Holland Mormon Enigma: Emma Hale Smith, by Linda King Newell Stages of Faith, by James Fowler Planted, by Patrick Mason “On Dealing with Uncertainty”, by Bruce C. Hafen “Help Build ‘Unwavering Faith’ in Students’ Lives, Elder Ballard Tells CES Teachers” Scott Braithwaite BYU Bio Read the TRANSCRIPT of this podcast Listen on YouTube Get 14-day access to the Core Leader Library

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