Jared Olsen is a father, husband, entrepreneur, workplace culture enthusiast, millennial, and Nacho Libre lover. His days are spent at JobNimbus in People Experience (PX). He is also the president & co-founder of REYFYA—the first outsourced culture consulting business in the Silicon Slopes—and a board member at Disrupt SLC. Jared was named by Utah Business Magazine as the first-ever “HR Disruptor of the Year”. He has an MBA and is SPHR & SHRM-SCP certified. Matt Brown is a mentor and coach specializing in leadership, learning, project management, and more. He has worked in real estate and as a police officer, eventually retiring before embarking on a new adventure and earning an MBA. Matt is certified in Strengthfinders and RESPECT styles, and works at JobNimbus as a People Success Coach. Jared Olsen & Matt Brown


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2:10 Kurt introduces the episode’s topic and conversation with Jared and Matt. A coaching framework called RESPECT. 4:20 Introduction to Jared and Matt. 5:40 Coaching is about creating culture. The origin for the word “culture” in Latin, and means to care. So culture really is caring about people. 6:50 What is coaching? 7:45 Both Jared and Matt are certified in RESPECT coaching styles. There are 7 different coaching styles you can use. You can use many styles with the same person. 12:50 R in RESPECT stands for the RALLIER style of coaching. This style is the driver. Setting goals and measurables. Ways to move the coachee forward. 16:30 The E in RESPECT is the EDUCATOR. It’s a lecture or education to teach a skill or fill in knowledge. General conference is all about educating. Parenting your child is teaching them and making sure they are learning. 19:20 The S is for the STRATEGIST style of coaching. It’s finding solutions to problems. They are addressing a problem. 21:10 The P stands for the PROVOCATEUR. This style of coaching makes people squirm the most. It’s poking a hole in someone’s logic and it’s often speaking the unspeakable truth. Jesus was a great example of a provocateur. 26:00 The second E in RESPECT is EXPLORE. Asking questions that even you as the coach don’t know the answer to. 29:20 The C in RESPECT stands for the CONFIDANT. The opposite of the provocateur. They ask about feelings and how the coachee interprets things. It’s like a warm blanket and validation. It’s about listening to work things out. 32:30 The T stands for TRANSFORMER. You can use this when somebody has gone through something difficult and you can have them reflect on that. This style of coaching can be used to help people see either how far they’ve come or where they could be in six months. 36:00 When you are coaching, you have to ask questions instead of making statements. 38:00 For the leader that wants to use these styles of coaching but feels overwhelmed: You don’t have to be an expert. 41:50 Jared and Matt coach Kurt as an example of the different styles of coaching and questions that you can use. 50:00 When picking a style of coaching, ask yourself, what do I know about the coachee and their circumstance? Start with a style and if it doesn’t work then pivot to a different style. Explorer can be a great style to start with. 52:20 What would be a good Provocateur question to use as church leaders? These questions are hard questions that come from a place of love. 57:45 Another thing that we can do in coaching is make questions direct or indirect. 59:00 A style that people struggle with is Transformer. However, Transformer can be a way that we turn the hard things that we are going through in life and learn to see them as blessings. 1:05:40 Resources for learning more about RESPECT coaching styles 1:06:00 How coaching has brought Matt and Jason closer to Jesus Christ

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