Murray Meszaros is originally from Saskatchewan, Canada, and joined the Church at age 21 after years of searching for peace and answers. A year later he was serving a mission in Austria. Murray worked in education for 42 years, including in elementary schools, as director/CEO of a YM/YWCA, a college administrator, a consultant, and lastly with the Utah State Board of Education. He has served in the church in most Young Men advisor positions, as Sunday School president and instructor, early morning seminary teacher, elders quorum president, bishop and bishopric member, stake clerk, and high councilor. Murray enjoys inventing board games and is married to Melanie Meszaros. They have four children and nine grandchildren and live in Ogden, Utah, where Murray currently serves both as membership clerk and (for at least the fifth time) ward mission leader. Melanie & Murray Meszaros


01:40 Introduction to the podcast 02:50 Murray’s background and callings 05:00 Murray shares his conversion story and how he created new approaches for sharing the gospel 07:40 The first characteristic of sharing the gospel is to have a Christ-like attitude in all of our connections 09:30 The second characteristic is to be creative. We have to create our own opportunities to share the gospel. 11:00 The third characteristic is to be curious about individuals. What makes them tick? What’s their situation? How can you connect with them through these things? 11:15 The fourth characteristic is to be complementary towards others 11:40 The fifth characteristic to continuously follow up 12:15 You have to go find the sheep. They aren’t going to find you. Very rarely are opportunities just going to fall into your lap. 14:15 Murray shares stories of ways that he has shared the gospel in an easy and natural way 15:20 The first question. Ask permission to share anything with anybody. Would you be willing…? Would you mind if I ask you some off the wall questions.? 16:40 The second question. If you could ask God a question right now what would you ask Him? 17:20 The third question. If you could know the answer to your question would you want to know? 17:40 The fourth question. Would you be willing to pay the price to know the answer to your question? 18:15 The fifth question. Could some friends and I come by and answer some of your questions? 19:30 What to do if people say no 20:00 If people don’t have any questions, Murray gives some ideas of questions you can ask them 27:30 We make sharing the gospel too hard! Start talking to people at the gym or grocery store. 29:15 Murray shares what the 5 star is and how it can help you share the gospel 38:00 5 star can help you not only update your records but it’s an opportunity to meet new people and start meaningful conversations with them 41:00 Murray uses his same questions over the phone and over social media too. He shares a story of how he set up zoom calls with a man that was living in another state. 42:00 When to bring the missionaries in 42:30 Going back to the question of do you want to know the answer to your question? Murray will first teach them how to talk to God and get that answer before he gets into answering their question. 43:40 Creating a team in your ward and involving the ward counsel in nurturing and ministering to this new individual that has been found. 50:00 Murray’s questions help us use the love, share, invite model 52:00 Murray shares some quotes from The Power of Everyday Missionaries by Clayton Christensen. 56:00 Being a good follower makes us a good leader


PDF download: 5-Star Improving Member Missionary Efforts and Engagement Powerpoint download: 5-Star Improving Member Missionary Efforts and Engagement The Power of Everyday Missionaries Following Up, by Elder M. Russell Ballard Sharing the Restored Gospel, by Elder Dallin H. Oaks Fourth Floor, Last Door, by President Dieter F. Uchtdorf Watch on YouTube Read the TRANSCRIPT of this podcast Get 14-day access to the Core Leader Library

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