For over thirty years, Shawn Moon has worked with clients across the globe, from Fortune 500 to governmental organizations. His deep knowledge and robust experience inspire others to improve their own leadership capabilities and to achieve remarkable results. Shawn is a Wall Street Journal best-selling author and a highly sought-after speaker. He has served in several leadership capacities in the Church, including as a bishop and member of a stake presidency.

Shawn Moon


01:45 Introduction

02:50 Shawn talks about why he wrote his book, Learning Leadership from the Scriptures

06:00 Shawn gives tips on studying the scriptures. He has found that studying by topic allows you to go very deep.

08:50 Shawn explains how to study leadership in the scriptures and what topics to look up

11:00 Leadership is a lot of things. It’s a very complex topic. Each one of us has the responsibility to be a leader in our lives.

14:00 “Leadership is a choice, not a position.”—Stephen Covey

15:20 If you are leading a ward then you need to create a vision for that ward

16:00 In our own lives, do we have the vision of who we are?

17:00 The first practice in Shawn’s book is to know who we really are. This is a foundation.

20:50 Being an effective leader has a lot less to do with doing the textbook leadership things and a lot more to do with trusting God and following the spirit

21:55 Sometimes we have just enough light for the next step. We don’t have to have all the answers as a leader, we just have to keep going and trusting in God.

22:30 Leadership and trying to motivate

30:00 Shawn talks about how he organized his book

32:15 Leadership in my calling

  • Practice 1: Organize and manage the work
  • Practice 2: Teaching with power
  • Practice 3: Develop other leaders
  • Practice 4: Lead one by one

34:45 Kurt and Shawn discuss organizing and managing the work and what we can learn from the scriptures

40:30 Teaching with power. Alma 38 is a good example.

43:30 When leaving a great teaching experience like General Conference, there are many things to emulate when we teach:

  1. A firm reminder and a firm personal conviction of Jesus Christ
  2. I feel His love
  3. Committed to doing and being better
  4. I feel the Savior’s love for me and also the speaker’s love for me
  5. I feel that the speaker is on the Lord’s errand. It’s very clear what their motivation is.

45:00 Should we look to other places, besides the scriptures and handbook, to find leadership resources?

49:20 Shawn’s favorite leadership stories in the scriptures

53:30 Final thoughts and testimony of leadership


Learning Leadership from the Scriptures: 12 Practices for Building Leadership Effectiveness Based on Timeless and Eternal Principles
Spencer W. Kimball: “Jesus the Perfect Leader”
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