Jennifer Sumko grew up in Salt Lake City Utah and graduated from the University of Utah with a degree in Communications. She worked in various marketing and account management jobs prior to having children and staying at home as a full-time mother. She started a photography business while her husband was in residency and taught herself how to sew by watching YouTube videos while her babies were sleeping. It was during those years, living on the east coast, that she gained a deep love and appreciation for antiques and making old things appear as new.

Jennifer has always had a love and passion for design. In 2018 She started Jen Sumko Vint—a company rooted in a love of all things vintage—and took on design clients specializing in textiles, wallpapers, and antique furnishings. She launched an earring collection early in 2019 and created her own small dress label the end of that year. Her latest project has been a spring and summer clothing, swim, and shoe collection with Dillard’s that will launch and be available nationwide in February 2023.

Jennifer is currently serving as a Young Women president in Mesa, Arizona, after serving as Relief Society president in a ward doubling in numbers weekly. She has also served in a stake Young Women presidency and as a counselor in Young Women, Relief Society, and Primary while living in Pennsylvania. You can find her on social media through Instagram @JenniferSumko or at a local thrift or antique store sorting through treasured goods.


03:00 Introduction to Jennifer Sumko, her work as a designer, and using Instagram for business

10:40 God gave us technology to make us strong but it can also be a weakness. Social media can be an unhealthy escape.

13:40 The dynamic of social media with the relief society sisters

15:30 The danger of social media is judgment and comparison, even if it’s wholesome content.

17:40 The top five people on your feed are actually the top five people that are influencing your life. Take a look and evaluate your feed and what you are seeing daily and how it’s influencing you.

18:20 Invite God into your work and social media.

21:20 Even though we need to be careful with social media, so much good is coming from it.

22:45 Be intentional with your social media

  • Why are you on social media? Is it education or entertainment? To escape?
  • Use social media to reach out to others
  • Think of how you can use social media in a positive way

25:30 Reaching out on social media

  • Simply liking someone’s post
  • Writing a comment
  • Engage with people’s content
  • If you are not on social media, text a friend

26:45 How can the Relief Society leverage social media?

30:00 Social media should not replace in person connection and community. Focus first on your most important relationships.

35:40 We can learn a lot about people by who they follow online. Create an activity about it and share who you follow online. This could help people connect over common interests.

36:50 Dealing with disagreements. Ask people questions not to attack but to understand. Invite Jesus in to help us understand other individuals. Remember that no one has the answers.

39:00 The struggle we are all having right now is feeling like we have a seat at the table and helping others feel included too.

40:00 Jennifer’s final thoughts and testimony


Jennifer Sumko Vintage
Instagram: @jennifer_sumko
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Scriptures referenced in this podcast: Ether 12:27, Doctrine & Covenants 8
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