Todd McLauchlin served a mission to Japan and studied philosophy at Brigham Young University. In this conversation, Todd and Kurt delve into the concept of magnifying one’s calling in the priesthood, emphasizing the importance of sacrifice and obedience, and discuss how leaders can magnify redemption to others.

Todd McLauchlin


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Scriptures related to this podcast: Doctrine & Covenants 88, 112, 109, 61, 1 Nephi 12, Mosiah 2-5 (King Benjamin’s address), 2 Nephi 9, Jacob 1-2
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3:40 Todd’s background

6:20 Exploring the intersection of leadership, theology, and priesthood

7:40 A question that has always pounded Todd is do you REALLY believe what you believe? Why do I believe this?

10:30 Being Christ-like is more than just being a nicer person. How can I be a much more truthful person and what am I willing to sacrifice for it? Bring the darkness out of you into the light.

12:00 What is the dread of the holy? If you really want to pursue holiness and Jesus Christ you will most likely face dread in that path. You will have to encounter your demons to feel that sanctifying light.

13:00 Even the person that seems like they have everything together and is temple worthy has a lot of work to do on himself.

17:00 We need to humble ourselves without being compelled. We can go to the Lord with a broken heart and contrite spirit to know the depth of our weakness and insufficiency so that we can know the power and salvational abilities of Jesus Christ. It will be a radically transformational experience.

18:50 The temple endowment is an endowment of the priesthood. The significance of the Oath and Covenant of the Priesthood.

22:00 The order of the priesthood is a group of people that are obtaining covenantal relationship intimacy with the Lord in degrees of intimacy. Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ share their power with you as you become sanctified and fulfill their purposes.

23:00 The meaning of the order of the priesthood. The ordination is the authoritative invitation to enter into the order of the priesthood but you must do much more to sanctify yourself to share the power of God. That is the difference between being called and chosen.

24:50 Unpacking the temple endowment to understand priesthood theology

26:20 The covenant of the priesthood and becoming clean from the blood and sins of the generation. This is our primary call and covenant.

27:30 Magnifying one’s calling and the connection to priesthood theology

35:20 Sacrifice, leadership, and the impact on relationships and redemption

39:00 The consequences of breaking covenant and the role of priesthood in delivering Christ’s message

42:00 Applying covenant principles to leadership roles like Relief Society and Elder Quorum Presidents. Normally the things that the Lord wants us to do are things that we don’t want to do but that is where the power is unlocked.

45:30 When Adam and Eve were cast out, God said I will give you a savior and the law of sacrifice. We get to partner with Christ through our sacrifices.

46:40 Many are struggling with children that don’t want to participate in the covenant. What can they do?

49:00 When people leave the covenant. They haven’t seen how the gospel can work for them. Their testimony is not the problem; not experiencing redemption is the problem.

50:20 Are people leaving their Sunday feeling the redemption or like they haven’t been doing enough? There has to be a balance. We need to be careful on how we talk about repentance.

54:10 Going through a true repentance process and giving everything to Christ so that you can be transformed. Your own redemptive experience will magnify to others.

56:15 We are ALL sinners. Should we even use the word ‘serious’ in front of sin? We all have to heal our brokenness no matter what the sin.

58:30 Todd’s recommendations for further study (see links)

59:30 Todd shares his most significant experience with the young men.

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