Travis Richey is an entrepreneur and speaker. At the age of 25, Travis managed a hedge fund with millions of dollars under management. Due to a regulatory oversight in the State of Arizona, he was charged with transactions of an unregistered securities dealer and sentenced to 2 years in Arizona Department of Corrections. This 17,520 hours became the framework of Travis’ new mission in life; he founded AccomplishED Ventures to provide incarcerated and returned citizens the proper resources for a second chance at a successful life. Over the past 10 years he created the largest incarcerated curriculum company In America. His weekly message is seen or heard by over 500,000 inmates.

When Travis is not impacting the incarcerated community, he speaks the language of identity and adversity to youth around the world, helping them understand their greatness and true potential. Travis’ message to the world is that biography is not destiny and no matter your past circumstances, you are in control of how far you go in life and what you achieve. Travis lives by the idea that every adversity carries with it the seed of an equal or greater benefit; the challenge is for most people that they’re so focused on the adversity in front of them that they don’t water the seed. Travis believes that the worst prisons in America are not made of concrete and steel, but moreso the limiting beliefs which keep us locked inside a mindset—or even worse, a life that does not serve our potential or purpose.

Travis served in the Washington, Spokane mission and has degrees in finance and business administration. He has served in various church callings: nursery, Primary, Young Men, elders quorum, and his current and favorite calling as Gospel Doctrine instructor. Travis and his wife Melissa have been married 15 years, have four children, and reside in Boise, Idaho.

Travis Richey and family


02:00 Kurt introduces Travis Richey.

03:30 Travis’ background

06:00 Travis talks about his incarceration and what led to it.

15:00 Many leaders were involved in Travis’ case and it was confusing for all of them.

21:30 Travis describes the years of mental anguish and court hearings. After a six year legal battle he was finally sentenced to 2 years.

24:45 Taking ownership and accountability and getting out of victim mode

27:30 What Travis learned from his experience and what he hopes listeners and leaders can get out of his story is empathy. He explains the difference between sympathy and empathy.

28:40 What does it look like to crawl in the pit with someone? Do people know that they can count on you?

33:20 As church leadership, how do you help someone who is incarcerated? Get them out of victim mode.

38:10 Travis shares what he does when he sits across from someone in jail. When you don’t know how to relate to someone, start with the end in mind. Help them see where they want to go and who they want to be.

40:00 Stop focusing on behavior! Focus on identity.

40:50 Where do we start when talking about identity? Kurt shares his own personal story of finding identity.

42:45 Telling your story unlocks levels of authenticity.

44:30 Bringing authenticity and unlocking identity at church

48:50 If you hide your story, you hide God’s glory.

50:50 Moments of change. Travis’ time incarcerated was his self mastery moment. He was able to reframe his whole experience. His story is now global and changes people’s lives.

52:30 Changes that will be made to the Gospel Library for people incarcerated

59:45 Resources and Travis’ nonprofit

1:01:50 How being incarcerated helped Travis become a better follower of Jesus Christ


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Travis Richey Ep. 570 The Cultural Hall
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