Kolette Hall is a Success and Self-Management Coach for Leaders. She teaches high-achieving leaders how to manage their thoughts and behavior so they can make aligned decisions in every area of their life—without having to micromanage their time. She is an educator, author, entrepreneur, mother, and widow. Her husband was a quadriplegic in a wheelchair and they were married for 27 years before he passed away suddenly. Kolette has served in a stake Primary presidency and ward Young Women program. She currently serves in her Syracuse, Utah, stake Young Women presidency, where she uses her superpower of offering realistic, simple, and powerful ways to help ward leaders implement the youth-led program.


02:30 Introduction and Kolette’s review of the Leading Saints women’s retreat

05:54 Kolette talks about the book, Messy Victories, that she wrote with her late husband, Jason Hall

10:40 Jason was a quadriplegic and she talks about the unique dynamic that it brought to being elders quorum president

12:00 What should leaders do when someone in their ward loses a loved one or is grieving? What do these people need?

19:20 Serving in the stake Young Women presidency

23:30 Things that have worked while serving in the stake Young Women leadership

25:00 “Mind the gap”: Where you are as a leader vs. where you want to be. There is always a gap. It’s the same with our youth. How can we help bridge the gap?

28:40 How can we arm the youth with tools to succeed and lead?

  • Identify everyone’s unique needs. We are all different.
  • Figure out the ‘how.’ How to help youth get skills.
  • Find a mentor to help them learn
  • Leaders need to know how to teach skills to the youth

33:45 In order to help the adult leaders have the necessary skills to help the youth learn, Kolette’s stake has all the adult leaders come to the stake meetings.

35:00 Needs Kolette has seen in her stake and how they have been able to address those needs and come up with effective solutions

40:00 Kolette explains what a start to finish walk through is. Walk through each moment of an activity and make a plan. Make sure everyone knows their jobs. This increases everyone’s confidence.

45:15 Kolette’s final thoughts. We are preparing our youth for everything that happens after they turn 18.


Messy Victories: A Story of Allowing Grief, Pursuing Joy, and Rolling Forward
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