Tim Welch currently serves as second counselor in the Provo Missionary Training Center presidency. He previously presided over the Ohio Cincinnati Mission and has served as a stake president, bishop, high councilor, MTC branch presidency counselor, ward Young Men president, elders quorum president and missionary in the Michigan Lansing Mission. Professionally, he was vice president of sales for Won-Door Corporation. He and his wife Michele have five children and live in Highland, Utah.


01:30 President Welch’s background and callings

03:15 President Welch talks about his experience so far in the MTC

06:40 Current plan for missionaries entering the MTC

09:45 How should missionaries prepare for the mission? President Welch gives his advice from his experience as a Mission President and MTC Counselor

14:20 When everything is important then nothing is important. Simplify and find a place to focus. The central message is to be holy and clean and everything that is taught should stay close to that central message.

17:00 President Welch gives an example of how he taught his missionaries

20:30 Sometimes leaders overcomplicate the Lord’s work and try to be strategic. However, the most important thing to do as a leader is to model how to be clean and holy.

23:30 A mission president’s focus shouldn’t be numbers. When we focus more on faith, obedience, and sanctification then the numbers will get better too.

27:15 When we focus too much on convert baptisms we miss the true message. Missionaries need to be having deep and powerful experiences that are going to change their lives and make them better people.

27:40 How can local leaders work better with missionaries and vice versa? Let’s trust that God will do the work and he will lead us. It’s not about making people uncomfortable and getting them to do things that they don’t want to do.

37:00 God’s work is like no other work and we cannot treat it like any other work

40:00 Understanding passion and the doctrine behind it


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