Jason Noel currently serves on his stake high council with a stewardship over missionary work. He has served previously as a bishopric counselor, elders quorum president, and as a teacher in Primary, Sunday School, and Young Men. He is passionate about entrepreneurship and developing businesses that reflect and engage his interests. He owns a hot rod shop in Arizona called Fat Fender Garage, that specializes in building custom-classic-trucks and Broncos. They have recently been awarded “Builder of the Year” for the second year in a row in addition to features and awards from numerous shows and publications. Jason and his wife, Jen, share a combined family of eight children in Gilbert, Arizona.


01:15 Introduction to Jason Noel. His work and church callings. 05:00 Jason’s approach to love, share, and Invite. He explains what it is and how he uses it in ward counsel. Ward counsel is more focused on people rather than spiritual thoughts, training, or activities. 13:10 We do not decouple love, share, invite. It is one thing. 16:30 We need to change how we do ward councils. A great question is, “Who has been on your mind this week?” “What invitation can we extend and who can extend it to?”

  • The ward council doesn’t do all the work but they come up with the ideas and take those to the different organizations.

19:30 We need to free up some time in ward council. What can we eliminate? What traditions do we need to let go? We need more time to discuss people. 22:40 Invitations don’t have to be big. They should be small and feel natural. Think of some invitations that you can make. 24:40 Everything that Jason does in his stake comes back to love, share, and invite. It’s teaching, loving, and sharing just the way that Christ did it. It’s not a missionary tool, it’s a way of life. 27:40 What does it mean to love? Love is compassion and understanding. 30:50 What is the share component? It’s what either you can contribute or what they can contribute. This is where activities come into play. Don’t have ward activities, have community activities. 34:30 Making invitations. It doesn’t have to be a spiritual invitation. Jason gives ideas on what invitations to give. 38:50 People don’t change unless an invitation is extended. 41:10 Create accountability in ward counsel. Write down what the invitations were and then follow up to see how they went. Maybe they need to be changed. 42:00 Jason shares thoughts on how being a leader has taught him how to be more like Christ.


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