2016 has been the largest growth year for Leading Saints yet! It’s exciting to see more leaders in the Church discover the content and gain from the knowledge of other leaders. We had close to 200,000 unique podcast downloads and almost 100,000 unique visits to the website. We are truly making a difference and I am excited to see the progress that is made in 2017.

If you are new to Leading Saints or want to look back on 2016 to discover the most popular content on Leading Saints, here you go!

Most Downloaded Episodes of 2016

1. What I Learned About Leadership When My 2nd Counselor Left the Church

An incredibly real discussion about leaders perspective on those that leave the Church and why. I interviewed one of my bishopric counselors that recently left the Church. Listen here

2. Loving Our LGBT Brethren & Sisters | An Interview with Bishop Carl Hull

Bishop Hull had a remarkable journey to better understand the LGBT community and most importantly how to love them more fully as a bishop. Listen here

3. Being an Essentialism Bishop | An Interview with Greg McKeown

I am so happy to see that this interview got so much traction. Every busy bishop or church leader needs to listen to this multiple times and then read Bishop Greg McKeown’s book Essentialism: The Disciplined Persuit of Less. It has changed my approach to what I focus on and how I can more effectively lead by doing less. Listen here

4. The Art of Significance in LDS Leadership | How I Lead: Bishop Dan Clark

This was probably one of the more fun interviews I did. Dan Clark is a riot to be around and that fact that I was able to visit him in his home and ask him deep leadership principles was awesome. This interview will leave any leader motivated to change the world through their calling. Listen here

5. How to Support Transgender Members In Your LDS Ward

The General Authorities have not said much about the issue of Transgener Mormons. I am sure more is to come but this was a fantastic interivew where I sat down with Brigit Pack, who is affiliated with North Star, and we discussed her experience of having a spouse that is transgender. It was an enlightening interview and I have had a new perspective ever since I was apart of it. Listen here

6. Home Teaching During Tragedy | The Story Behind Elder Holland’s #LDSconf Talk

More details about Elder Holland’s story about the heartwrenching story of the loss of Austen Russell can be found in this interview. I chatted with Troy Russell, Austen’s father, and his home teacher, John Manning. There was a sweet spirit present as we did this interview and many have emailed me about the impact it had on them. I hope it helps you better home or visit teach. Listen here

7. Perfection is Not 100% Home Teaching | An Interview with Yohan Delton

I was extremely impressed by the knowledge of Yohan Delton. Every elders quorum president and Relief Society president needs to understand these concepts. It will make you a better leader. Listen here

8. How to Disagree as a Leader Without Making an Enemy | An Interview with Gary Rhoads

If you have served in leadership you have definitely experienced a communication issue. Professor Gary Rhoads shares a handful of LDS Church leadership experiences that all leaders can learn from. The more you learn how to communicate the better you will lead and love. Listen here

9. Mental Illness & the Bishop’s Office

Jeff Case, a clinical psychologist, talks about the in’s and out’s of mental illness so that bishops and other church leaders can better find a place for them in their wards and groups. Listen here

10. The Why of Your Calling | An Interview with Wendy Ulrich

If you are not familiar with Wendy Ulrich’s work this is a great place to start. With her vast experience in business consulting and church leadership experience, she paints a picture that will motivate any leader to help others find their why. Listen here

Articles & Other Honorable Mentions

Teaching Helps: Howard W. Hunter Manual

Make sure your priesthood or Relief Society instructors know about the Leading Saints Teaching Helps. They are by far one of the more popular resources on Leading Saints.

Food Order Reference Guide

The Food Order Reference Guide is being used by hundreds of leaders across the world to better help them fill out a food order form. Send this resource to your bishop and Relief Society president and they will thank you for it.

The Bishopric’s Guide to Mother’s Day at Church

It was not shocking to see how popular this article was on Leading Saints. We surveys several wards and bishoprics to hear what they do for Mother’s Day. We will definitely update this post in May of 2017.

6 Reasons LDS Youth Leaders Need Snapchat Accounts

The article about Snapchat started quite a heated discussion about whether this hip app has a place in the hands of church leaders. That debate tempered once the LDS Church created an official Snapchat account. If you are leading youth this would be an article to read.

Sacrament Meeting Agenda Templates

Do you want to see what other bishoprics’ sacrament meeting agendas look like? Also, if you have a great agenda template you use in your ward, we’d love to share it with the Leading Saints world. Contact us and we’ll talk further.

Elder Holland’s Secret to Teaching | Sharing the Fire of Your Faith

This article was written back in 2014 and has consistently been one of the top articles year after year on Leading Saints.

7 Unbreakable Rules of a Meeting

This is the most popular article in the history of Leading Saints. It was no suprise to see it get significant attention in 2016. It’s worth a review

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