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Most Downloaded Episodes of 2017


1. Why We Married in the Temple After 20 Years in Same-Sex Relationships | An Interview With Bennett & Becky Borden

2. An Open Letter to Bishops From a Wife of a Porn Addict

3. “The Atonement Works for Me”: One Couple’s Recovery from Sexual Addiction

4. An LDS Leader’s Guide to Millennial Mormons

5. Fighting Addiction Like a Dragon | An Interview With Maurice Harker

6. Being an LDS Leader Comfortable With Doubt: 8 Tips to Help Those You Lead Who Doubt

7. Why Many Young Single Adults Are Delaying Marriage and It’s Probably Not What You Think

8. Becoming a Master Interviewer | An Interview With David Farnsworth

9. 5 Dale Carnegie Principles for LDS Leaders | An Interview With Clive Winn

10. What Every Bishop Needs to Understand About Betrayal Trauma

Honorable Mentions

Podcast Stats for 2017

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  • 5 Top Downloading Countries: USA, Japan, Canada, Australia, UK

Most Read Leading Saints Articles of 2017

  1. 3 Ways LDS Leaders Can Help Kids Who Have Seen Pornography
  2. Elder Holland’s Secret to Teaching | Sharing the Fire of Your Faith
  3. Sacrament Meeting Agenda Templates for Bishoprics
  4. The Root Cause for Why Members Leave the Church & What Leaders Can Do About It
  5. Addressing Conflicts between the Orthodox-Progressive Mormon Divide
  6. Food Order Servings Per Container Cheat Sheet
  7. How To Make Ward Council A Revelatory Experience…Or Any Other Meeting
  8. 3 Tips For Bishoprics That Lead to Better Sacrament Meeting Speakers
  9. How Voice(s) of Hope Helped Me, as a Bishop, Find Deeper Faith in the Gospel of Jesus Christ
  10. The Best Ward Mother’s Day Gift


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