Every week thousands of ward bishoprics stand at the lectern and deliver that week’s sacrament meeting agenda. All bishoprics follow the basic format given in the Church Handbooks, but having a well organized paper agenda can make the job of the meeting conductor much easier. Below are a series of sacrament meeting agendas that have been shared by bishoprics from around the world. Feel free to peruse, download, and then modify any agenda you would like to use. If you have an all-star agenda that your bishopric uses, please email it to kurt@leadingsaints.org. We will make sure to remove any identifying information about the agenda and then post it here for others to consider using. You can also help us by sending good examples of the following so we can build more template libraries on Leading Saints:

Ward Mission Plan Library

Ward Council/Presidency Meeting Agenda

Sacrament Program Templates

Sacrament Meeting Agenda 1

The following agenda is a great way to simplify every item and still fit it on one page. Sacrament Meeting Template 1 JPEG

Download Agenda 1:

Sacrament Meeting Template 1 (PDF) Sacrament Meeting Template 1 (Word Format)

Sacrament Meeting Agenda 2

Another one page design with lots of information. I like the box for a sacrament meeting attendance count. Sacrament Meeting Template 2 JPEG

Download Agenda 2:

Sacrament Meeting Template 2 (PDF) Sacrament Meeting Template 2 (Word Format)

Sacrament Meeting Agenda 3

This is the sacrament agenda I created and used when I was bishop. I would fill in all the blanks using Google Docs and then print it out in the Ward Clerk’s office before sacrament meeting. After seeing the others I would probably use a different one. Sacrament Meeting Template 3 JPEG

Download Agenda 3:

Sacrament Meeting Template 3 (PDF)

Sacrament Meeting Agenda 4

This sacrament agenda comes all the way from Australia.

Download Agenda 4:

Sacrament Meeting Template 4 (PDF) Sacrament Meeting Template 4 (Word Format) Sacrament Meeting Template 4 Fast and Testimony (PDF) Sacrament Meeting Template 4 Fast and Testimony (Word Format)

Sacrament Meeting Agenda 5

This two-page agenda has check-boxes next to each item—so you won’t forget! Checkbox Sacrament meeting agenda template pg1

Download Agenda 5:

Sacrament Meeting Template 5 (PDF) Sacrament Meeting Template 5 (Word Format)

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