In this episodes we continue the conversation with leaders from North Star as we focus on Brigit Pack’s story of finding peace and faith in her home and in her Church. Her spouse was born Ryan, but now prefer the name Ann. Ann is a transgender Mormon and Brigit tells her story of how leaders are working on finding a place for Ann in their LDS ward. It’s an inspiring discussion that will definitely help other leaders understand available resources and where to start in loving transgender members of their ward. Editor’s Note: Throughout this interview I use the term transgender-ed. Brigit was kind enough to correct me after the episode had been edited. I hope you can all learn from my mistake and refer to these individuals as transgender. 

Voices On This Episode:

Brigit Pack, North Star Conference Co-Chair


Brigit’s story is a story of inspiring faith. As she tells the story of her spouses journey through gender identity, she helps leaders understand how they might find a place for transgender Mormons in their ward.

Greg Harris, President-Elect of North Star


At the time of this recording Greg Harris is the incoming president of North Star. He shares a unique story of coming to terms with is sexual orientation soon after his brother announced to his family that he was gay. There is a lot to learn from Greg and Church leaders will find he is a remarkable resource to helping navigate the SSA world. Read more of his bio HERE.

Joseph Stith, Director of Talent for North Star


I hope everyone gets the opportunity to meet Joseph in person. I consider him a wonderful friend and he is doing wonderful things for North Star. Joseph shared the details of his story in PART 1 and continues in the conversation in this episode talking about his experience working with youth that experience SSA. Read more of his bio HERE.


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