Gary Rhoads grew up in Pocatello, Idaho and received his undergraduate degree and MBA from Idaho State University. He holds a PhD in Marketing from Texas Tech University and is currently the Stephen Mack Covey Professor of Marketing and Entrepreneurship at Brigham Young University. He has taught at Brigham Young University for 25 years. Rhoads teaches an executive MBA course focused on his method of Stop Think & Lead which helps leaders dealing with critical situations.

Recently at BYU Education week Dr. Rhoads taught his Stop Think & Lead approach—teaching how to make a point without making an enemy. He’s an expert in how to deal with critical situations and how to avoid conflict.

In this episode he shares his great knowledge how we as leaders (and even just people in any relationship) can best deal with conflict and not make enemies in the process.

Episode Highlights

Introduction to Stop Think & Lead approach (11:45)

3 types of people in conflict:

  1. Robotic- following the manual, stating the facts
  2. Pooh Bear- avoiding the situation
  3. Dish Out- makes a point but makes an enemy

Learn skills without having regrets (13:30)

Similar to diving certification- Stop Think Breathe (15:00)

Stop– don’t react, do no harm- most people fail to do this Stopping tactic- acknowledge concern (17:00)

Think– What outcomes do I want? (17:30)

Lead– Take action

Examples of the Stop, Think, Lead Approach

Example 1: Bishop vs. Sister Stone (19:00)

There are multiple outcomes in situations (25:00)

U turn stopping tactic (28:40)

If you feel angry, say the kindest thing you can say.

Calming tactic (30:00)- This is how I see it…

Example 2: Conflict between husband and wife (33:00)

Keep walking and come back with a plan (41:00)

Help to a bishop dealing with conflict (43:00)

Tactic that works the best dealing with conflict in the church (45:00)

Example 3: Pinewood Derby conflict (46:00)

Example of U-turns (53:30)- truthful kind words help you gain back control


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