In 2016 Leading Saints conducted a survey about ward mother’s day gifts. We got a response from 172 females and 51 males. The good news is, most sisters want chocolate from their ward family and most sisters usually get chocolate. If you take one thing away from this not-so-scientific survey, it is, when in doubt, go with chocolate. 🙂

Mother’s Day Survey Results:

The average of the survey said their bishopric probably spends about $1 per sister for Mother’s Day gifts.

To Pay for Mother’s Day Gifts:

92% Use Ward Budget

8% Use Private Donations

<1% Use Fundraiser

Favorite Gifts & Wish List




At the end of the survey there was a comments box where individuals could leave specific feedback to bishoprics that organize Mother’s Day. Reading over those messages, it is hard to come up with any form of consensus other than, everyone has a different opinion. Many said not to assign “mother” or “female” focused messages in sacrament meeting, others said to keep your efforts simple as long as it is sincere. The reminder was given to visit those sisters unable to attend on Mother’s Day. Most seemed to realize bishoprics are trying and they appreciate any effort.

When I was bishop, my bishopric would always serve pie during the third hour and I’d invite my mom to attend. I did this for five years and the sisters seemed to enjoy sitting, chatting, and not having a child demanding a bit of their pie. They seemed to love the tradition and I never received negative feedback.

Many times, it seems bishoprics want to put women on a pedestal for a day, while trying not to offend anyone. The main message I gathered from reviewing this survey is, keep it simple, don’t try to have specific female messages during the meetings, and then serve a fun refreshment in the third hour—just because.

Make it different, and they will see you are trying.

Or just buy a lot of chocolate. 🙂


A BIG THANK YOU to Heather Mecham for compiling all the results from this survey.


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