What a remarkable 2018! Each year bring more and more remarkable guests to our microphone and we have seen a huge increase in the number of brilliant guest writers who have provided some impactful content for lay leader to read.

Here is a rundown of what episodes and articles have been the most visited:

Most Downloaded Episodes of 2018

How I Lead as Bishop After a Faith Crisis | An Interview With Dan Conway

Creating Engagement Through Ministering Interviews | An Interview with DeAnna Murphy

  1. Being Prepared to Love LGBT Latter-day Saints | A Conversation With 4 Latter-day Saint Bishops
  2. The Art of Teaching Latter-day Saints | An Interview with Hank Smith
  3. Ministering to the Doubter | An Interview With Terryl Givens
  4. Introverts in the LDS Church | An Interview with Adam McHugh
  5. What Every Leader Needs to Know About Faith Crisis | An Interview with Scott Braithwaite
  6. Stimulating a Culture of Ministering | An Interview with Nola and Mike Patterson
  7. Helping Leaders Understand Faith Crisis | An Interview With David Ostler
  8. Disrupting Your Calling | An Interview With Whitney Johnson

Interesting to note that the faith crisis topic was the most popular with 4 episodes that made the top ten. I think the dark horse was definitely the interview on introverts. I really enjoyed interviewing Adam McHugh, but I didn’t anticipate that the topic would intrigue so many downloads.

Honorable Mentions

Most of these would probably make the top ten list with more time. Each one was so good!

Podcast Stats for 2018

  • Total Downloads for 2018: 541,720 (Last year: 341,758)
  • 5 Top Downloading Countries: USA, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, New Zealand

Most Read Leading Saints Articles of 2018

Some of these (including #1) have made it on the list for a few years.

  1. Elder Holland’s Secret to Teaching | Sharing the Fire of Your Faith
  2. Conflict During LDS Church Lessons & Councils: Does it Belong?
  3. How Elder Bednar Runs a Meeting or Council
  4. How To Make Ward Council A Revelatory Experience…Or Any Other Meeting
  5. 8 Action Items for Newly Called Elders Quorum & Relief Society Presidents
  6. 3 Tips For Bishoprics That Lead to Better Sacrament Meeting Speakers
  7. 4 Dos & Dont’s for New Elders Quorum Presidents
  8. “Sad Heaven” Is False Doctrine | “Family Arrangements Will Be More Wonderful Than You Can Imagine”
  9. An LDS Leader’s Guide to Millennial Mormons
  10. Food Order Servings Per Container Cheat Sheet

Thank you for an incredible year! This was all made possible by the Leading Saints community. We hope you will DONATE and help us produce more content in 2019.

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