Robert Millet, Ph.D., is an author, speaker, and professor of ancient scripture and emeritus Dean of Religious Education at Brigham Young University. Author of 76 published works, Millet has been involved in BYU Education Week for many years and is well-known as a commentator on the BYUTV Scripture Discussions program. He is also Manager of Outreach and Interfaith Relations for the LDS Church’s Public Affairs Department.


6:45 Experiences with the scripture discussion series on KBYU

10:00 Teaching and administrative experience at BYU

11:45 His experience writing 77 books

13:30 What led him to write The Atoning One and the growth of a Christ-conscious movement in the LDS Church

24:30 Teaching doctrine in Sunday School

29:00 Importance of knowledgeable teachers

31:45 Creating an environment where class members feel safe to be vulnerable

37:30 The leader’s role in correcting doctrine and creating safety at church

43:00 The Atonement and grace in the Bishop’s office

44:00 The Bishop should always be teaching kindly

45:00 The Bishop as a channel for God’s grace

53:00 Teach what the steps of repentance mean and give study assignments

55:30 Bring closure to the individual

58:15 Don’t take the fast track to repentance

1:01:30 Leadership offers the opportunity to see others as the Lord sees them


BYUTV Scripture Discussions
The Atoning One

Image: LDS Living/Deseret Book

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