Scott Braithwaite has a PhD in Clinical Psychology and specializes in marriage counseling. He is an associate professor at Brigham Young University and a popular presenter at BYU Education Week, where he most recently taught about supporting loved ones through a faith crisis. He is currently serving as bishop of his ward.
Scott Braithwaite and his wife


10:10 The difference between sadness and depression
13:40 Leaders should ask for recommendations for good qualified counselors
14:15 You choose who to marry. God gives you agency.
17:40 Scott shares his experience going through a faith crisis
22:40 James Fowler’s Stages of Faith can be helpful in understanding what someone may be going through. Stage three faith identifies as a group, has rules, and is concrete. Most fall under this level of faith. Things also appear black and white.
29:00 During a faith crisis the bottom falls out, they can leave the faith and find community elsewhere.
30:35 Going through the stages of faith are not linear
33:00 Perfectionism shows up in our minds as rules, as all or nothing.
33:40 Doctrinal Latter-day Saints vs. Cultural Latter-day Saints
34:50 Sometimes struggling with faith comes from cultural issues
36:50 The idea of organic evolution showcases the different thought processes of doctrinal vs. cultural Latter-day Saints
38:10 You can’t go back to stage 3
40:30 Stage 5 is accepting the complexity of faith
40:50 Faith allows room for doubt
42:00 All faith allows room for wrestling
43:00 Stage 6 examples, such as Mother Teresa. Most people fall between stages 3, 4, and 5.
46:40 We can act as a midwife and help while people are in a faith crisis
48:30 Help others going through a faith crisis by listening to them. Listen more than talk.
50:50 Elder Ballard: Leaders ought to know and be able to address the difficult questions
56:00 There is a progression from stage 3 to stage 4
57:00 We should be able to talk about doubt at church
59:45 Help create a culture of faith
1:02:00 Elder Hafen’s stages of faith


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