Kristen Jenson, is the founder of and best selling author of Good Pictures Bad Pictures: Porn-proofing Today’s Young Kids. She serves on the Prevention Task Force of the National Coalition to End Sexual Exploitation. She received her Bachelors degree in English Literature and a Masters degree in Organizational Communication. She currently lives in Washington state. She recently wrote the book Good Pictures Bad Pictures Jr: A Simple Plan to Protect Young Minds, a book aimed at 3-6 years old. It’s an easy way for parents to start the conversation early to protect their young children.

Episode Highlights

  • Kristen shares that she didn’t receive a script on how to help talk to her children about pornography (4:34).
  • How pornography impacts children in general was covered in the prior episode.
  • The FBI did a study and found that among the growing problems with the internet and children the the biggest problem is sextortion (8:14).
  • The book teaches children that it is never okay for someone to take pictures of themselves with out their clothes on or to take pictures of themselves and to post or share pictures (9:19).
  • The best time to start taking to your kids about pornography is when they are 3-6, because this is when they are on the internet (10:32).
  • Kristen explains the how she decided to adapt the message from the first book to the second book, when it targets a younger demographic (12:04).
  • Introduces the Turn, Run & Tell plan for kids to use when they are exposed to bad pictures (14:12).
  • The book contains sticky notes to encourage parents to have discussion with kids about different topics (14:49).
  • This process is not just educating your child about the harm of pornography, but it’s about persuading them on an ongoing basis that you will be safer and happier if you stay away from bad pictures (15:41).
  • Parents say that the book has helped them have better relationships with their children by discussing these difficult topics (16:16).
  • The book compares bad pictures to poison and how it can hurt your body (17:28).
  • One of the most dangerous things parents can say is that their children are 100% protected (19:00).
  • If you start teaching your children young, the discussion won’t be awkward (21:20).
  • Focus on building an eternal filter, that the child can recognize what the bad, know it can be harmful and to know what to do when they find it (21:40).
  • How can church leaders use the book as a tool to help parents (22:38).
  • Seeing Pornography as an addiction (25:20).
  • Shame can fuel children to keep things they see a secret (31:17)


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Good Pictures Bad Pictures Jr: A Simple Plan to Protect Young Minds

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