Kristen Jenson is the author of Good Pictures Bad Pictures: Porn-Proofing Today’s Young Kids. It is her mission to immunize your children against the destructive and addictive dangers of pornography. She currently resides in Richland, Washington. She grew up in the Boston area and later served a mission to Portugal. She is now serving as a gospel doctrine teacher.

In this interview we discuss appropriate ways that parents and church leaders can discuss the sensitive subject of pornography. Her book is a tool to make the conversation more natural and to also encourage children to ask question around the subject so that they see the parent as a resource in avoiding the dangers of pornography.

We also discuss the following questions:

  • Will parents and leaders foster curiosity by speaking to young children about pornography?
  • When is the appropriate age to start discussing topics of sexuality?
  • How do you teach children about the healthy side of sexuality?
  • What are the misconceptions parents and leaders have about the impact of pornography on youth?
  • What strategies can parents teach to children when they accidentally view pornography?


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