In this episode of the How I Lead segment we talk to Adam Ellsworth. Adam is currently serving as the president of his elders quorum in Maryland. Both Adam and his wife were raised in Southern California but did not meet until they attended the same student ward at Brigham Young University. After receiving his bachelors degree at BYU, Adam graduated law school from Pepperdine University after which he took a job in Washington D.C. as a patent attorney. Adam and his family have called D.C. home for the last 10 years. Adam also shares with us his five leadership principles accompanied with an effective and unique approach to home teaching. He and his presidency have effectively changed the culture of home teaching in their quorum.

5 Principles of Leadership:

  1. Exercise inspired judgment and allow others to do the same (46:30)
  2. Focus on Christ (47:23)
  3. Lead with Christ’s authority in the manner that he instructed (49:00)
  4. If you want something done, talk one on one (52:57)
  5. Be one, build unity by communication.

Episode Highlights:

  • What was your childhood like? (4:00)
  • Did you serve a full time mission? (4:51)
  • How did you meet your wife? (6:20)
  • What is the first general conference talk that comes to mind? (7:48)
  • What other callings have you had? (12:20)
  • How were you called as elders quorum president? (13:04)
  • Five Principles of Leadership (40:37)



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