DeAnna Murphy serves as a Stake Relief Society President in Minneapolis, Minnesota. She also runs Strength Strategy where she consults businesses, coaches, and individuals. She was born in Provo, UT, but grew up in Canada. She met her husband at Ricks College and they are the parents of three children.


9:14 DeAnna shares a touching spiritual moment she had during General Conference a few months after giving birth to a daughter with spina bifida. She said “It helped her look forward rather than focusing on the challenges that were to come.” 13:30 United in hearts and mind: Looking forward, rather than seeing challenges and obstacles. “If ye are not one then ye are not mine.” How do we get everyone on the same page and get a 360 degree perspective. 16:00 Talk to leaders about where their strengths are, “Where is Zion happening here and now?” 16:55 “Stop looking at what’s wrong and focus on what is right, and how can we get more of it?” 18:15 Differently Imperfect: When we are authentic with others, and ourselves we can progress. 21:45 Don’t judge. The first thing the Savior did is love. 23:15 As a Stake Relief Society President, “Here is why I’m here.” D&C 43:8-9 & 16

  • Uplifted and edified together: Monthly One on One visits (24:19) to talk about many things including their personal life, and reviewed the questions “What has the Spirit taught you this month? What is working well and what keeps you up at night?”

29:38 How to not start from a deficit point of view? 31:30 DeAnna’s experience being called as the Stake Relief Society President 36:08 “If I love them, they will find their own way.” 37:25 We need to know who the leaders are 41:27 Finding direction and goal setting 53:24 Mosiah 4:11-12 Always rejoice and be filled with the love of God


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