The Next Step Podcast is a weekly podcast focusing on the joys of recovery and sobriety in an LDS context. Creators and hosts, Brad and Jay, join Kurt to talk about the Addiction Recovery Program and how everyone, including church leaders, family, and friends, in addition to those suffering from the disease of addiction, can benefit by understanding the 12 steps, knowing when and where meetings are held, and understanding how to reach out to those in need of help. 

Jay explains how he became addicted to prescription painkillers while on his mission, his struggles with addiction after, and the moment someone reached out to him and invited him to an Addiction Recovery Program meeting. Together, Brad and Jay discuss the leader’s role in addiction recovery, how a sponsor is different than a priesthood leader (and the important, but separate, roles that each play in helping those with addictions), how to help youth and teens struggling with addiction, and the important role the family plays in the ongoing recovery process.

  • (38:30) What is a sponsor in the addiction recovery program? How does someone become a sponsor?
  • (40:00) How does your sponsor differ from a priesthood leader?
  • (44:30) As leaders, we carry the message, not the person
  • (46:45) Helping youth with addiction
  • (51:00) Treating addiction as a family
  • (55:00) Addiction and “Betrayal Trauma”


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