You get home from work and your spouse notifies you that the Buffet family invited you to accompany them to the new all-you-can-eat restaurant in town. You explain you had a late lunch and don’t think you will eat that much. You enter the restaurant with the same resolve and then wonder what happened when they roll you out and put your picture on the wall for eating the most hot wings in 10 minutes.

Our brain some times tells us things are not possible when in reality they are very possible. We just have to try.

One of the big mistakes a leader makes is not meeting one-on-one consistently with those in their auxiliary or presidency. Instead they wait for the big issue to come up. The second counselor talked up their vitamin business opportunity for 30 minutes during her relief society lesson. Or the first counselor in the bishopric brought a bag of chips to hedge off his hunger during sacrament meeting. Now they have gone too far. It’s time to call them in and “set them straight”. This behavior is out of line and merits a “talking to.”

So why would you talk to them every month or every other month when no major issues have happened? There’s nothing to talk about, right? That’s what you thought about the buffet. Then you sat down and consumed a baby whale in less than an hour. Make the interview (PPI) consistent and then you will be amazed of the issues that come up. Problems will be avoided, crises will never happen. All because you created a platform for them to be discussed.

If you are a Relief Society President, Stake President, Bishop, or Elder’s Quorum President — consider your counselors. If you are a ward mission leader — consider your ward missionaries. If you are a bishopric counselor — consider the auxiliary leaders you are over. Meet with them consistently even when there is “nothing to talk about”. And if there really is “nothing to talk about” — they won’t be upset if you simply end the interview and go home.

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