Steven Shields, ACMHC CET1, is a therapist who acts as a guide to help others heal from trauma and addiction. As founder of Unashamed Unafraid, a non-profit organization, he hosts the podcast that shares hope for sexual addiction recovery. Unashamed funds scholarships for people to go to retreats and receive therapy. Steve works in his private practice in Salt Lake City, at OnSite in Nashville Tennessee, and at the Oaks in San Diego California doing trauma intensives and workshops. His favorite event to speak at is the WarriorHeart Bootcamp every year. Steve is unofficially the biggest Leading Saints and “KF” fan! This is part 1 of a 2-part podcast discussion. Steve Shields


5:30 Kurt and Steve begin the topic of therapy. 6:50 The truth about therapy. Jesus is the true healer. 7:55 Therapy then and now. How it has changed over time. 10:40 What is therapy for? To help you get unstuck when you don’t think you can do it on your own. 13:00 Therapy can help you in your process of healing and using the atonement in your life. 15:00 Therapy offers a safe place to express whatever you need to. It can get messy emotionally when trying to talk to a leader or a loved one. Another plus is that they are professionally trained to help you. 18:45 Therapy helps you open the door to find healing. How would Christ heal you today? 20:45 Find a safe place to talk about whatever you need to talk about. 21:50 “What you can’t see, you can’t feel and what you can’t feel, you can’t heal.” 22:20 Christ is still healing today just as He did in His ministry. He lives! 23:00 Even though bishops aren’t therapists they can still help you. Depending on the situation and bishop they can help you or help you get the counseling you need. 27:00 Therapy is about connecting to your internal source. It’s not about a therapist telling you what to do in your life. We don’t need advice. We come to it on our own. 32:00 The different types of therapy and what type is most effective. 36:15 Does Christ’s healing take time?


PART 2 of this podcast WarriorHeart Bootcamp It’s Not Your Job to Fix Pornography Addiction | An Interview with Todd Olson and Steve Shields 6 Things I Wish Bishops Knew About Addiction | Guest Post by Steven Shields (Recovering Addict) “The Atonement Works for Me”: One Couple’s Recovery from Sexual Addiction Read the TRANSCRIPT of this podcast.

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