Steven Shields, ACMHC CET1, is a therapist who acts as a guide to help others heal from trauma and addiction. As founder of Unashamed Unafraid, a non-profit organization, he hosts the podcast that shares hope for sexual addiction recovery. Unashamed funds scholarships for people to go to retreats and receive therapy. Steve works in his private practice in Salt Lake City, at OnSite in Nashville Tennessee, and at the Oaks in San Diego California doing trauma intensives and workshops. His favorite event to speak at is the WarriorHeart Bootcamp every year. Steve is unofficially the biggest Leading Saints and “KF” fan!

This is part 2 of a 2-part podcast discussion. Listen to Part 1 here.

Steve Shields


0:30 How do I interview someone every week who is in therapy and dealing with addiction? Check in to see if the therapy is working or not.

4:50 How bishops can communicate with therapists. Bishops should get a consent form to be able to get information from the therapist about how the therapy is going.

15:30 How do bishops find a good therapist? Steve describes the different types of therapists and specialities.

26:18 Don’t refer a person to an agency. Refer them to a specific person. LDS Family Services is a great resource but it’s an agency.

30:00 It can be difficult to find a good therapist. However, therapists like to work with people that like to do the work. Reach out to the therapist you want to go to and show them that you are willing and ready to do the work. It might be worth it to get on a waiting list for a really good therapist.

34:40 What do you do with people that don’t want to do the work? The only thing you can do is invite.

36:55 Steve’s recommendation to all bishops is to have the person pay for at least part of the sessions, even if it’s only five dollars.

40:20 Two questions to ask your therapist. Make sure they are doing the work too and putting what they teach into practice.

  • Do you currently go to therapy or have you been to therapy?
  • What are you currently getting trained in?

41:30 Leaders are carrying the burdens and the huge weight of the ward. Bishops and other leaders should also be getting therapy. Steve challenges all bishops to find a good therapist and do at least three sessions.

43:20 How can a leader begin to understand the resources for intensive therapy? It can be very expensive but much more effective in some situations.

52:00 Steve explains value systems. A therapist should not try to change your value system and if they do you should pick a new one.


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