Pamela Mills is currently serving in her fourth year as Relief Society President in Kirkland, Ohio. She is a convert to the church and has a deep testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ. I was so pleased to interview Pamela and learn from her leadership experience. She is the first (of many) Relief Society Presidents to be interview on the Leading Saints Podcast.

In this episode Pamela shares with us her 5 leadership lesson, how she counsel with the sisters in her group and her deep desire to learn and become more humble through her service in the Kingdom of God.

5 Leadership Lessons From Pamela Mills

1. It is very tough to guard a chocolate cake at a baptism.

2. Keep confidences. Be genuine. Be yourself. Do your best and
leave the rest to God.
3. If you wish to learn humility, you will need to discover what it means
to turn yourself fully over to God’s will and then abandon yourself to doing
4. Everyone wants to be validated / loved. Everyone.
5. Triple your study of the gospel, your time spent in prayer.
How do we help leaders

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